Visit Hua Hin on World Tourism Day

September 13, 2019.
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Hua Hin began life as a sleepy little village that a group of farmers escaping drought in Thailand's central plain discovered and set up residence. They named it 'Samore Riang', which means 'row of rocks' or 'row of anchors' for the rocks and fishing boats moored just off the beach.

In 1921, Prince Krom Phra Naresworarit fell in love with the area and was the original member of the Royal Family to construct a palace in Ban Laem Hin. He named the beach bordering his palace 'Hua Hin’, which soon became the name of the town as well.

The railway line was completed in 1924, linking the town with Bangkok. And Hua Hin became a popular and welcome getaway for Bangkok residents to enjoy.

The late King Bhumibol Adulyadej also enjoyed the area and made it his primary residence from 2004 to 2006, thus securing its status as an important national landmark.

Resources of Hua Hin

Hua Hin has had its coastline, its fishing industry and the Royal Palaces as primary tourism resources for many decades. But as the town grew and expanded to keep up with the visitors, it started to see the importance of expanding its reputation as a tourist attraction as well.

The beaches in and around the town were the immediate attraction, and the city has worked hard to develop accommodations for everyone wanting to spend time at the kilometres of pristine, white-sand beaches.

The Royal Palaces were also an immediate attraction to visitors. Their beauty and provincial architectural style brought allowed visitors to see how the past looked in Thailand.

Making the Most of Hua Hin

The purpose of World Tourism Day is to encourage the development of tourist spots around the world. And to make the most of them sustainably and ethically.

Seafood restaurants were also highlighted as tourist attractions for the abundance of fresh and varied types of seafood provided by the resident fishing fleet of the town. Why not make the most of the fishing fleet and, at the same time, provide the fishermen with a sustainable living?

The seafood restaurants grew in number until you can now enjoy seafood in a budget restaurant in Hua Hin Night market as well as fine dining establishments all over town.

What Hua Hin also recognised is that they already had a burgeoning art scene in town. Why not feature this as another facet of the town’s attractions?

Organisations and people including the founders of Baan Sillapin (Hua Hin Artist Village), Vic Hua Hin, the Hua Hin Jazz Festival, the Cicada Market, and the Plearnwan Market had established the town as an arts mecca.

By publicising what Hua Hin already had, the civic leaders of the town succeeded in increasing the numbers of art-loving visitors. And they accomplished this without having to invest a lot of time and money in creating attractions. They made the most of what they had in a sustainable and ethical manner.

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