Cleaning up the Waterways of Bangkok

September 13, 2019.
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The dates of Friday, 20 September through Sunday, 22 September in Bangkok has been declared the weekend of Clean Up the World 2019.

Clean Up the World is a global, community-based association that raises awareness of the pressing need to clean up and conserve the environment for future generations. This worthwhile group is in its twenty-fifth year of community organisation.

It has joined with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to mobilise millions of volunteers around the globe to join it in helping save the environment from further destruction and to restore what has already suffered damage.

Taking On a Necessary Job

The local organisation, Bangkok River Partners (BRP), is proud to offer their help in Bangkok. And they are not alone. Their partner hotels and venues are working together with BRP, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Eco-capitals Forum (made up of foreign embassies in Bangkok), community groups, and local businesses.

Their goal is to rid the city streets, waterways and public spaces of waste that might be flushed into the Chao Phrya River and then into the Gulf of Thailand. 

Raising Awareness in Bangkok

Unfortunately, Thailand is still a country addicted to plastic bags and packaging. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, plastic bags make up fifteen per cent, and plastic straws are another seven per cent of the trash discarded in Thailand.

They go on to add that approximately 100 whales and dolphins, 150 sea turtles and 12 dugongs die every year from consuming or getting tangled up in waste plastic in our oceans and waterways.

Being the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok should lead the charge against all this waste polluting the country and the ocean.

The country’s grocery chains and businesses are doing their part to raise awareness of the alarming statistics regarding the amount of plastic consumed by the country’s citizens.

Many of them have a day of the week declared as a 'no plastic day' where they refuse to offer plastic bags to shoppers. Others have begun charging for the plastic bags they offer. Several of the grocery chains have begun offering reusable, cloth bags for sale at their checkout stands.

Visitors to Bangkok can help the effort as well. When you visit Bangkok, please avoid plastic packaging as much as possible when you shop for souvenirs and keepsakes. Eating your food at street food stalls, instead of taking it back to your hotel, also cuts down on the need for ‘to-go’ containers that contribute to the city’s plastic problem.

Showing interest by visiting the canals and waterways of the city indicates to city officials their value to tourism, as well as the need to keep them clean. Plus, taking a boat ride down some of the city’s beautiful and ancient canals is a peaceful and scenic way to spend an afternoon.

Tackling the Problem

This year, all the partners of the BRP, together with the participation of Bangkok University and Mahidol University, are doing something new to tackle the ongoing problem. The scientists at the two universities are contributing their time and efforts to categorise and count the waste items collected during the weekend of Clean Up the World 2019.

This data will serve as a baseline to track the waste amounts and types in the years to come. By getting a handle on just how much of the waste is generated by plastics, we can also start to figure out what steps we need to take to combat the problem and wean the country off of their reliance on plastic.

The canals and waterways that branch off the Chao Phrya River and run through Bangkok represent an aspect of ancient Bangkok that should be preserved at all costs. The canals running all through Thailand are an equally important part of the history of the country. The world can rest assured that these beautiful sights will be preserved for future generations of both residents and visitors by the concerted efforts of responsible citizens and residents of Thailand.

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