Escape to the Forests Around Hua Hin

June 30, 2020.
Tags: Hua hin

Whether you’re a resident of Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand, you're probably tired of the COVID-19 lockdown. You're perhaps longing for a change of scenery where you can leave home and spend a few days breathing fresh air and walking to your heart's content. 

Hua Hin is just a couple of hour's drive from Bangkok. Famous for its kilometres-long stretch of white-sand beach and its art scene, Hua Hin is also known for the wealth of National Parks surrounding the town to the east. At least seven National Parks are worth visiting for the jungles, landscapes, and waterfalls they offer. But lately, they also may offer a better than average chance of seeing some of the shyer species of wildlife that call the parks home.

Some of the world's most endangered animals live within the boundaries of these parks, just a short drive from the town of Hua Hin. This makes Hua Hin the perfect place to base yourself and your family and spend a few days away in the great outdoors exploring the parks.

Perfect Time for Domestic Tourism

Thailand is in a curious state of limbo currently regarding the tourism industry. Hotels and restaurants are being allowed to open. However, the borders are still closed to international tourism, which gives Thailand residents who appreciate nature and wildlife a unique opportunity that may not come again. 

While Thailand residents are free to travel to all areas of the country and tour the National Parks, they most certainly will not encounter any of the tourist groups that are typically a part of a National Park visit. But the human residents of Thailand are not the only residents to notice the lack of tourism. 

Wildlife has also been reported to start behaving differently because of the lack of noise and people. Species that are rarely seen have been reported close to human habitation and trails. The lockdown may also have been responsible for increasing breeding in some species of wildlife that is yet to be apparent.

Enjoy Nature in the Wild

For avid wildlife-lovers, it the perfect window of opportunity to get a chance to see those species of animals that you’ve only dreamed of seeing. But for the best results, you should hire an experienced guide for your nature walk in the National Parks around Hua Hin. 

Besides knowing the most likely places to spot these rare and exotic animals, some of these animals are very elusive, so you should have someone along with you who knows their behaviours and can recognise tell-tale signs of their recent presence. 

Elephants, Malayan sun bears, pangolins, barking deer, Asiatic black bears, clouded leopards, and tigers are all known to inhabit the National Parks around Hua Hin, and most are considered to be endangered. By hiring an experienced guide to lead you through the forests, you can concentrate on getting once-in-a-lifetime photos of these beautiful and rare animals.

Unforgettable Experiences

The aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdown can result in some unforgettable experiences in wildlife encounters. Animals may let their guards down and venture closer to human trails and habitats because of the lack of noise and traffic. Their curiosity may get the best of them, and you may be able to take some incredible photographs as a result. 

This is the perfect excuse to get your family out of the house for an extended post-COVID-19 holiday. It’s also a chance to walk in the fresh air and a better-than-average chance to see a rare wild animal in their natural habitat. 

Of course, as we're now living in the 'new normal,' you'll want to observe still all the precautions against COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and wearing masks when you're out in public. 

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