Tips for an Eco-friendly Beach Outing in Patong

November 20, 2019.
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With the high season once again upon the island of Phuket, many residents and tourists will be heading to Patong Beach to enjoy all the water sports, or just laze the day away in the tropical breezes and warm sun.
But in these days of concern about the scourge of pollution in the oceans of the world, making sure your beach outing doesn't contribute to the problem is on everyone's mind. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your day at the beach is a comfortable and eco-friendly one, as well.
Some of the tips will make your day on the sand more comfortable and less of a hassle. And some of them will also benefit the conservation of the ocean. 

Eco-friendly Lunch on the Beach

Packing a lunch for a day at the beach is convenient and forward-thinking. Patong is home to some legendary and delicious street food that is perfect for enjoying on a sunny day at the beach.
But street food vendors usually dispense their takeaway food in plastic bags and Styrofoam containers that all too often end up in the waters surrounding the island. There is a simple way to avoid any dangers of this and to keep your beach bag or backpack from resembling a rubbish bag at the end of the day.
Visit one of the many vendors around town who sell reusable plastic containers. Bring them to the street vendor and have them place your order into these containers instead of using the disposable ones.
They’ll be happy to oblige, you won’t be forced to deal with the rubbish from your lunch, and best of all, you’ll be contributing to the conservation of the ocean. Simply take them back to your accommodations and wash them out for your next day at the beach.

Save the Sunglasses

Many avid beachgoers have at least one pair of sunglasses sitting at the bottom of the ocean. You want to take a refreshing dip in the ocean, but you forget to remove your priceless designer sunglasses. The next thing you know, your sunglasses are swimming with the fishes.
To prevent this from happening, buy neoprene straps that attach to your sunglasses and keep them on your head. Even if you get hit by a sudden wave, neoprene is buoyant. Your sunglasses should float until you can locate them again.

Leave the Sand on the Beach

Thailand is famous for one of the best, and simplest beach creations ever. It’s the foldable beach mat. Once you try them, they will quickly become a favourite beach item of yours.
You'll see piles of these multi-coloured, rolled-up beach mats at every beach-side, souvenir shop. They are convenient, portable, and easy to dust the sand off and roll up at the end of the day. Plus, they provide a smooth surface in the sand to put your lunch items on.
No more hauling towels to the beach to get soggy, uncomfortable, and sand-encrusted. Bringing these soggy, sand-encrusted towels back to your accommodations results in a deposit of sand all over your clean floors. Do yourself a favour, invest in a beach mat during your holiday in Phuket. 

Invest in Eco-friendly Sunscreen

Have you ever read the ingredients in your sunscreen closely? Many sunscreens contain chemicals. These chemicals are pollutants that end up in the water once you go swimming.
Mineral-based sunscreen is designed to be eco-friendly and doesn't contain any chemicals. They are just as effective, if not more, than chemical-based sunscreens, but they don't cause any damage to the environment.
The Simpler the Shoe, the Better for the Beach
With beach footwear, the less area in contact with your feet, the better. When you first arrive at the beach, you don't think twice about your footwear.
But later, when your feet get wet and sandy is when you understand the wisdom of the 'less is better' idea. The more enclosed your shoes are, the more area there is for irritating sand to get trapped between your feet and your shoe.
If you have to walk for a considerable distance, this can become excruciating and lead to painful abrasions. While it’s easy to go barefoot on the beach, it’s unwise to go barefoot along the streets and sidewalks. Hot pavements will make you wish that you had given your choice of footwear a bit more thought.
Investing in cheap, rubber flip-flops that provide minimal areas for sand to get trapped may not be the most stylish way to go to the beach, but it can save your feet from agony.

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