3 Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Patong

October 08, 2019.
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The monsoon rains of 2019 fading and the high season is approaching fast. So we want to bring your attention to three, unique activities you can enjoy in the warm sunshine in Patong. All of them are located close to the city. And all are easy to reach by public transportation from anywhere in Patong.
These are activities that you probably don’t have available to you at home. So you can think of them as once-in-a-lifetime fun things to do that will provide you with memories to last a lifetime.
While we don’t recommend parasailing for young children, the other activities will give your kids plenty to talk about with their friends once your family returns home.

Take Flight in Patong – Go Parasailing

Everyone has seen the brightly coloured parasails cruising along above Patong Bay when they first arrive in Patong Beach. They are everywhere. Taking a ride in a parasail is a rite of passage for some tourists and something to cross off their bucket lists.
You don’t need any experience to ride a parasail. Just follow the parasailing crew’s instructions and then relax and enjoy the view.
You’ll be fitted with a life vest before being strapped into a harness, which is then attached to the parasail. A “monkey man” crewman will climb into the rigging behind you and steer the parasail when you take off on your journey around the bay. This crewman will also help you land safely at the end of your ride.
Taking off from the beach is simple. It only takes a few steps before you'll feel yourself hoisted into the air. There are lots of parasails to choose from along Patong Beach. Some have shorter ropes to the towboat, and some have longer ones. The length of the cable determines how much altitude you'll experience on your ride. Walk along the beach until you find a parasail that looks right for you.
The rates for a parasail ride can vary between 800 and 1,300 Baht for about a 5-minute ride.

Rollerball Zorbing is a Fun New Experience for Kids and Adults

Rollerball Zorbing has arrived in Patong Beach. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it refers to climbing into a huge, inflatable ball filled with water and plummeting down a 190-metre hill to the bottom.
If the whole idea of being sealed inside a water-filled ball seems scary, don't worry, it's perfectly safe. You'll be wearing a vendor-supplied life vest, and the passenger compartment is only half-filled with water. The water enables you to slide around during your action-packed ride to the bottom of the gently-sloped hill.
The Rollerball Zorbing concession is located behind Kalim beach at the northern end of Patong beach, just a 2-minute walk up from Beach Road. The concession consists of two parallel, grass-filled channels that the rollerballs roll down.
Two passengers can ride inside the rollerball as it gently rolls and bounces down the hill. You'll be able to enjoy the sensations of a water slide where you can be turned upside down within the passenger compartment.
Rollerball Zorbing cost between 950 Baht for one ride with juice and water refreshments to 1,950 Baht for six rides. This means the whole family can spend a couple of hours experiencing the wet and wild ride of the Rollerballs.

End the Day with a visit to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

A worthwhile excursion for the entire family is a visit to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket. This ethical and compassionate sanctuary provides a home for elephants who have spent their lives working for a living. The sanctuary provides a natural environment where they can live out their retirement days in peace and comfort.
The sanctuary is located behind Patong along route 4020. The sanctuary has a pickup and drop-off shuttle service from Patong that you can enquire about when you book your visit.
At the sanctuary, all the attention is on the elephants. You won't see them performing tricks, and there is no riding of elephants allowed. But you'll be free to feed them, swim with them and bathe them.
Visiting hours are divided into morning and afternoon visits, and you must book your appointment in advance. The morning visit is from 6:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The afternoon visit is from 12:30 PM to 17:30.
As you’ll likely be bathing and swimming with the elephants, take along a swimsuit and a change of clothes, as well as a towel and sunscreen. The entry fee is 2,500 Baht for adults and 1,900 Baht for children between the ages of 4 and 10. Your visit will include snacks and beverages upon your arrival and a Thai buffet meal at the end of your visit.
The beauty and intelligence of these beloved animals becomes apparent as soon as you meet them up close and begin to interact with them. The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is an experience that will reinforce the world-wide need for animal conservation and make a lasting impact on the whole family. 

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