Explore Phuket Beneath the Waves

April 23, 2019.
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The crystal-clear, warm waters of Phuket host a colourful array of exotic sea life which everyone can see and enjoy in several fun ways. We’ll explore 5 of the easiest ways to experience the wonders underneath the waters around the island.

But before you embark on any of these adventures, it’s always wise to be prepared. Take an extra set of clothes, a towel, plenty of water and good sunscreen with you whenever you go out on the seas off Phuket. You'll come back in good shape and be ready to share your undersea experiences with your friends and family.

Lastly, adopt a ‘look, but don’t touch’ policy when pursuing any activity that involves sealife. You’re there to observe the sea life, not interfere with it. Also, be sure to keep any water bottles or food wrappings with you and dispose of them properly once you’re back on land. Keeping the waters of Phuket clean is the best way to conserve them for future generations. 



Tide-pooling is often overlooked by tourists intent on seeing the sea life around Phuket. Tide-pooling costs nothing, but it can provide hours of fun in the sunshine and fresh air. It’s a fascinating activity to take part in once you find a good location.

Simply look for an area of the shoreline that exposes an expanse of rocks at low tide. These rocks will contain nooks and crannies of water that species of sea life living close to shore will take refuge in when the tide is out. They present a microcosm of the fish, corals, urchins and anemones that inhabit the shoreline around Phuket and are just waiting for the tide to return so they can go on about their daily lives.

Dress for a day in the sun by slathering on plenty of sunscreen and wearing a hat before going out tide-pooling. Wear shoes with rubber soles to avoid slipping on the wet rocks you’ll be walking on as well.

If you want to help with the conservation of these waters, you can bring along a bag with you as well and pick up any trash you find among the rocks and tide-pools you come across.


Snorkelling is one of the easiest and most enjoyable activities for anyone to master. And, it provides a great introduction to all the sea life offered in this part of the world. All it takes is a face mask, snorkel and swim fins, although the swim fins are not required to enjoy this pastime.

Rent or buy a face mask that fits your face without leaking. A snug fit is the most crucial aspect of snorkelling as a leaky face mask will ruin the experience for you. There are plenty of dive shops around the island that will rent you snorkelling gear. If you hire a boat for the day, they may also have snorkelling gear onboard, but it’s best to try on their face masks before leaving shore to ensure they fit.

Find a shallow area among rocks and undersea outcroppings to ensure a good variety of sea life. Once you’ve found a likely place, spend an hour or two floating in the water, watching the colourful sea life go about their lives around and beneath you.

Be sure to wear water-proof sunscreen or a shirt before you enter the water, as your back will be exposed to the sun while you enjoy the experience of snorkelling.


Sea Walking

Sea Walking is one of the latest and most popular ways to explore the undersea world without having to undergo the expense and hours of training that are necessary to become certified in SCUBA diving.

In Sea Walking, the only equipment you’ll need will be supplied by the Sea Walking vendor. It consists of a weighted helmet with a clear visor that’s connected to an air hose. You’ll wear the helmet, which will supply with air while you walk along the sea floor among the fish and other sea life. Generally, Sea Walking takes place from a stationary pontoon that holds the air compressor and a ladder from which you enter and exit the water.

Many tour companies around the island offer Sea Walking experiences. You can book a tour with them by just dropping into their location or through the internet. Bring along a change of clothes, a pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting wet, a towel, sunscreen and water as you’ll be spending time between Sea Walking on the pontoon in the sunlight.


SCUBA Diving

Becoming a fully certified SCUBA diver still entails hours of training and tests that must be passed before obtaining the certificate that enables you to enjoy SCUBA diving anywhere in the world.

But for tourists wondering if SCUBA diving is for them, several dive companies offer beginner’s courses in SCUBA in a pool or the calm, clear waters off Phuket. These courses differ in price depending on the diving location and your level of interest in the sport.

For people who are concerned whether they can learn to breathe through a regulator and wear the necessary SCUBA equipment, a pool course is an inexpensive way to find out if diving is right for you. 

If you’re eager to experience SCUBA diving among the fishes, full-day boat dives are available. You’ll be trained in some necessary diving techniques before entering the water and be accompanied closely by certified and experienced diving instructors at every point while you’re diving.

It’s a great way to find to experience the diving world and to find out if this exciting sport is the right activity for you.


Submarine Tour

Believe it or not, there is a yellow submarine cruising the depths around Phuket, and you are welcome to take a ride on it. Simply book a submarine tour with any tour booking company on the island, and you’ll be leaving from either Rassada pier or Chalong pier for a two-hour submarine tour of the depths of the Andaman Sea.

The fully air-conditioned submarine is set up for tourists. It offers room for up to 48 passengers, with each passenger having their large porthole to view the wonders of the deep. Plus, the sub is equipped with inside LED screens and outside underwater cameras that can be focused on exciting sights along the way.


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