A Starter Guide to Phuket’s Bib Gourmand Awarded Restaurants

June 29, 2021.

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Experience an unforgettable taste of Phuket, an award-winning city of gastronomy

If theres a place that should top your bucket list when it comes to foods and delicacies, Phuket definitely should be a must since the city has been awarded by UNESCO back in 2017 as a City of Gastronomy.

Due to both cultural and geographical influences, Phuket has developed into what it is today. Moreover, the abundance of seafood in the waters surrounding the island broadens its variety dishes. You dont have to try and imagine what it is like if Malay, Indian, Thai and Chinese combine. All you have to do is just visit a traditional restaurant in Phuket and make a requirement for a delicious menu that you havent tried before

A starter guide to Phukets Bib Gourmand awarded restaurants

Whether it will be your first time in Phuket or not, weve got you covered with selected restaurants that are guaranteed by Michelins Bib Gourmand award.

Ta Tuay

If your main concern is about seafood, Ta Tuay is right up your alley. The menu mostly features variety dishes of crab, fish, cockles, squid, prawns and sand worms, all are fresh from the sea and neatly cooked. Dont forget to go see catch of the day before ordering, you might get to taste local giant cockle if youre lucky enough. 

Photo: ร้านตาทวย_official Facebook Page

Kin Kub Ei

What happen when a Thai-Chinese aunte who has run familys kitchen for decades wants to preserve her familys recipes? Kib Kub Ei is the answer from Tubtim, the owner here who has delivered a fine selection of dishes to this beloved restaurant. With her casual restaurant in her garden home, you can sure enjoy an interesting blend of southern Thai cuisine and Hakka Chinese fare. Recommended menus such as braised sweet pork and anchovy, chilli and sour mango relish will grant you a memorable experience here. 

Photo: Michelin Guide

Naam Yoi

A family restaurant with a true authenticity that grew from a small cook-to-order eatery to an open-air popular restaurant, Naam Yoi offers homestyle classics with fresh daily ingredients from local markets handpicked by the auntie of the family. River snail curry, spicy stir-fry of split gill mushrooms, and braised pork are a must here. 

Photo: Michelin Guide

One Chun

A place where styles meet taste. One Chun is owned by Khun Prang who marged her fashion design background with a passion of food. This 19th century building will take you back to good old days with an authentic Phuket recipies passed down over 3 generations. 

Photo: ร้านวันจันทร์ One Chun Cafe n' Restaurant Facebook Page

The Charm

A place that grew from young passionate food business owner, Buriphat aims to elevate his beloved southern Thai-Peranakan recipes to the next level. With its carefully selected ingredients and distinctive cooking style, you wont be disappointed in the Penang-style fish curry or its shrimp paste with poached shrimp meat here. 

Photo: Michelin Guide

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