Don’t miss !! 5 popular Water Sports in Hua Hin

May 28, 2021.

Hua Hin is more than just admiring beautiful sea and cool breeze since there are many more activities that is waiting to be explored. Here is the list of water sports that you cant miss whenever you are in Hua Hin.


Fortunately, Hua Hin is surf-friendly for both beginners, and intermediate surfers. Even though the best months for surfing begins from October but the soon you are in Hua Hin the better prepared you will be for getting used to the area. We recommended Khao Takiab and Wanakorn beach for the best spots for surfing.

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Unlike surfing, Windsurfing combines characteristics of sailing and surfing since the windsurfer has to use the wind to propel a board forward under his feet and skim across the water. There are numerous places for windsurfing in Hua Hin that will amaze you.


Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Known for the acronym SUP, Stand-up paddle boarding, as one of the fastest-growing board sports in the world, offers the use of arms while kneeling, lying or standing on a narrow and long paddleboard to move around in the water. Hence, SUP will give you the feeling of standing on the water


Wing Foiling

For those who aimed for more extreme activities, wing foiling is an answer for you. All you need are a Foilboard to float on top of the water and a set of wings for the wind to have you move forward. All in all it is the sport that combines Surfing, Kiteboarding and Windfoiling.

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Also known as kitesurfing, kiteboarding brings out the very best parts of windsurfing, surfing and paraglidingHua Hin is basically the best place for kiteboarding because of wide areas it offers. Nowadays its popularity broadens to an area of Khao Tao Beach, Pranburi Beach, Khao Kaloke Beach

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More into golf than water sports? Weve got you covered.

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