There is never a Shortage of Sunny Beaches All around Phuket

November 20, 2018.
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There are Plenty of Spots and Beaches Worth Visiting Around Phuket

Local tourism companies sounded the alarm when the Thailand government closed Maya Bay and the Similan Islands. The government took this step to allow time for the eco-systems to recover from the relentless onslaught of thousands of visitors to these natural treasures.

Foreign visitors could be forgiven for thinking that  Phuket was closing down its beaches, when nothing could be farther from the truth. There are still plenty of naturally beautiful sights to see and seemingly endless stretches of beach for tourists to visit and enjoy.

Sound Reasons for Closing These Natural Attractions

The government was wise to invoke a policy of preserving the natural resources around Phuket. With the volume of tourism increasing yearly, failure to stem erosion and pollution of the natural environment would soon create an un-reversible catastrophe.

This, in turn, would cause tourism numbers to decline. Tourism was in a no-win situation of ‘loving an area to death’. The government made the best decision for the future of the eco-system around Phuket as well as the tourism industry.

Explore the Islands Around Phuket

Hopefully, this will cause less densely packed tourists in a few popular spots and encourage tourism companies to explore other worthwhile sights and beaches in and around Phuket.

For tourists who want to see and experience the soaring cliffs surrounding a peaceful lagoon, there are still other options than Maya Bay. On the other side of Phi Phi Leh, the home of Maya Bay, there is the just-as-stunning Pileh Lagoon. Although it doesn’t offer a beach, it does offer vertically rising cliffs studded with lush tropical vegetation surrounding an incredibly blue-tinted, crystal-clear lagoon.

Tourists are also encouraged to visit Koh Hong, literally “Room Island”. This tropical jewel in Phang Nga Bay contains a sparkling lagoon completely enclosed by soaring cliffs, which gave the island its name. Beach lovers will also find that Koh Hong has some lovely stretches of golden sand that they can enjoy during their visit.

Sights and Beaches On and Around Phuket

The Kho Yai Islands lie just off the southern coast of the island of Phuket. Both of these islands offer a retreat from the hustle and bustle of Phuket during the high season. Both islands also offer lush jungles, kilometres of golden sand beaches, kayaking and spa massages. The smaller island, Kho Yah Noi also hosts some peaceful and chic resorts.

Nai Harn Beach in the south-western corner of Phuket, offers a wide bay, often sporting boats from all over the world at anchor, and a wide expanse of golden-sand beach. Once a little-known, favourite destination for the beach-loving, local residents of the island, it has since been discovered by tourists.

But owing to its location away from the popular and more densely populated western coast of Phuket, where the city of Patong is located, it’s still provides for a peaceful day’s beach outing. There is also some great snorkelling along the north and south ends of the beach.

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