First Time in Patong – What to Do on Your Visit

May 19, 2017.
Tags: Patong, Phuket, Activities

Patong Beach is synonymous with Phuket. The immensely popular beach is a hub for tourists all year round and is the ideal place to gather, party, shop and revel in Thailand's famous easy-going hospitality. During the day, Patong is docile and a busy beach. At night, it transforms into a haven for enjoyment - there are hundreds of restaurants, beer bars, Go Go bars and night clubs in the area. While most of the action is centered around the infamous Bangla Road, the surrounding areas also have plenty to offer. For a newcomer to Patong, it can all be a bit overwhelming. That's why we have this guide ready for you so that you're well-prepared on what to do on your first visit.


The Beach

It takes one look at the white sand beaches of Patong to truly appreciate why it's the main area in Phuket. Dozens of sunbathers will abound during the day to appreciate the stunning view of the Andaman Sea from the bay. The center of Patong is right by the beach so you can just as easily grab a latte from Starbucks and walk right over to the sandy shores. That's how accessible it is. However, if you want to truly experience the beauty of Patong, we suggest making the trip to Freedom Beach which is just 10 minutes away from Patong Beach.


Bangla Road

It'd be impossible to mention Patong without acknowledging Bangla Road. Once the sun sets, this 400-meter street comes to life. If you're looking to party in Patong, Bangla Road is your first and last stop. Check out the dozens of beer bars to watch passer bys - the strip will be quite busy most nights of the year. Head to Soi Seadragon where all the Go-Go bars are. At Soi Vegas, you'll find the extremely popular Aussie bar and White Room Nightclub, which attracts international Dj's most nights of the year. For a first-rate clubbing experience, check out Illuzion Discotheque. From ping pong shows to a quiet drink, there's entertainment for everyone on Bangla Road.



Since it's a popular destination among tourists, there are international restaurants abound in Patong. The options are endless. For a romantic dinner by the beach with your loved ones, try out La Gritta. To savor the finest local cuisine, Pan Yaah is a fantastic Thai seafood restaurant with a gorgeous view of the bay – the food is delectable. If you want to experience a very traditional Thai seafood restaurant, we suggest Kaab Gluay. Restaurants in Patong are famous for the views they offer. The best one might just be at Joe's Downstairs, an all-white restaurant that has an absolute marvelous view of the bay at sunset.



It might be surprising to find that Patong Beach is one of the best places to experience a little retail therapy in Thailand, let alone Phuket. The biggest shopping center on the island is Jungceylon Shopping Complex, situated right at the heart of Patong Beach. With hundreds of retail stores covering everything from fashion, electronics, cosmetics, accessories and more, it's a true shoppers’ paradise. If you want local souvenirs and handicraft, check out OTOP market. We also highly recommend visiting Malin Plaza, where you can find plenty of t-shirts, handmade goods, Thai souvenirs and much more. The food here is also cheap and delicious.


Attractions & Activities

Getting bored in Patong is quite rare. The first thing many tourists do upon their arrival is get a massage, whether on the beach or in one of the many massage shops in the area. If you want something a bit more thrilling, Flying Hanuman is an adventure park that is located right near Patong Beach. Then, there's Surf House, a flow ride facility where you can ride man-made waves. A must-see for all visitors to Patong is the famous Simon Cabaret show, one of the biggest theatrical perfomances in all of Thailand. Want to check out a Muay Thai fight while you're in the country? There are two boxing stadiums in Patong – Bangla Boxing Stadium and Patong boxing stadium. You'll get to see fighters from all around the world pit their wills against one another while raucous crowds cheer them on. For something the entire family can enjoy, take a trip to Patong Go-Kart Speedway.


Now that you know what to do on your first visit to Patong, you can go ahead and start planning your journey. Our team will assist you in finding Patong apartments, studio apartments and holiday homes that fits what you're looking for. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our accommodation options in Phuket!