Terms and Conditions:

1. In order to secure the reservation, the tenant must complete a deposit of 50% of the monthly rental rate at the time of room reservation. The balance amount can be paid by "Thai Baht" cash or credit card (VISA /MASTER) upon arrival. Processing fee is charged per transaction. All rates are calculated in Thai Baht.
2. Rental for the Holidays will charge service fee to the tenant in consideration for the use of platform
3. Service fee range between 3% -10% of total rental amount, including applicable Taxes. Rental for the Holidays reserve the rights to change a service fee at any time.
4. No refund will be provided for any cancellation of the reservation mention in section 1, 2 & 3.
5. All room reservations are subject to availability. Reservations may only be postponed or amend by the same unit within 1 month notice prior to arrival date with subject to room availability and rental rate. Amendments to a new unit or new project are not allowed and the booking deposit of original booking is non-refundable and cannot be transfered to the new booking.
6. In case of No Show (i.e., the would be tenant fails to complete the lease agreement within the specified/agreed deadline): (i) the deposit and service fee made according section 1,2 & 3 will not be refundable; and (ii) the company/lessor, or its authorized agent, reserve the right to let the room to other parties without prior notice to the would be tenant.
7. Advance Payment is required for long term rental. Rental fee will be charged on a per-month basis. Payment due date will be based on the check in date and will be the same for the next month during the lease agreement period. Thai Baht cash only for the second payment.

Hua Hin / Bangkok / Baan Mai Khao (Phuket)

Advance paymentPeriod of stay
1 month2-3 monthsMore than 3 months - 6 monthsMore than 6 months
1 month rental fee1 months rental fee


Advance paymentPeriod of stay
1 month2-3 monthsMore than 3 months - 6 months>More than 6 months
1 month rental fee2 months rental fee
8. In case of Termination before your arrival or during your stay: If the tenant infringes any section of this agreement, or violates or in breach of any part of this agreement, the tenant agrees that this agreement will be terminated and the tenant agrees to return the key and the property immediately. In such case, no refund is granted. The contract shall become binding once payment transaction is completed and shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the law of the kingdom of Thailand.
Payment is fully non-refundable in case of termination.
9. In case of the room reserved according to Section 1 falling into a condition unfit for rent or becoming unavailable, the company (or, its authorized agent) reserves the right to provide the tenant with a comparable replacement room as appropriate.
10. The tenant shall provide truthful information while interacting or making bookings with the lessor through the website. False information or any fraudulent activities will be rejected or result in cancellation from the lessor without notification and refund. Also, the tenant must provide a valid passport or ID card and booking voucher is required upon check in time.
11. The Tenant name must match with the name appeared on booking voucher and confirmed by his/her passport or ID card upon check in time. The information given on the booking voucher is assumed accurate and that false information supplied may result in the lessor denial or cancellation of your booking without prior notice.
12. The accommodation will be in accommodating a maximum occupancy as follows;
  • 2 adults and 1 child for Studio room,

  • 2 adults and 1 child for 1 Bedroom

  • 4 adults and 1 child for 2 Bedroom

  • 6 adults and 1 child for 3 Bedroom.

  • Child age over 4 years old is considered as adult.

  • Child below 4 years old must sharing bed with parents.

13. The rental fee are EXCLUDED the expenses or fee as follows:
  • Electricity supply
  • Utility supply
  • Telephone fee
  • In room WIFI or plug in internet
  • Daily Maid service
  • Additional bed linens, towels, amenities, and other asset requested for extra.
  • Other related additional expenses (if any).
14. NO EXTRA BED and BABY COT provided for additional person.

15. Standard Check-in and Check-out time
  • Check-in time 14:00 hrs. – 17:30 hrs.
  • Check-out time 9:00 hrs. – 12:00 hrs.
  • Working hours of on-site representative 9:00 hrs. – 17:30 hrs.
  • Early check-in or late check-out is subject to availability.

  • Late check-in, please notify exact arrival time 3 days prior to arrival date. It will be negotiated with apartment’s policy on case by case.

  • The following fees are charged by the property (Bangkok-all projects,Phuket-Baan Mai Khao) at time of service, check-in or check-out (not inclusive in the rental rate). Fees are subject to change. And the juristic person will charge directly to tenant.

  • Fee 500 THB for room key pick up from the juristic person office apart from standard check –in time or working hours.
  • Fee 500 THB for room key drop off at the juristic person office apart from working hours.
Security Deposit :
During the signing of lease agreement/contract, the tenant must complete a Security Deposit. The security deposit will be returned, without any interest, to the tenant within 30 days of the ending/termination of the lease/contract provided that there is no breach of any terms and conditions of the lease/contract during the lease/contract period.
  • By accepting the properties and term and conditions. The renter, hereby, assumes and accepts all risks and accidental damages at the tenant’s own responsibility, in case of damage to the properties and tenants arising from unusual activities or misconduct.
    • There is no insurance for the damage or repair to the furniture and fixtures and electronic appliances. Tenants assume full responsibility and shall be charged for misuse of these items except for normal wear and depreciation of normal usage. Therefore, the lessor shall repair such broken items in a timely manner.
Hua Hin / Pattaya
Insurance Fee
required/Period of stay
Less than 3 months
More than
3 months – 6 months
More than 6 months
Insurance Fee rate
0.5 month rental fee of
Monthly Rental Rate
1 month rental fee of
Monthly Rental Rate
2 months rental fee of
Monthly Rental Rate
Insurance Fee
required/Period of stay
Less than 3 months
More than
3 months – 6 months
More than 6 months
Insurance Fee rate
1 months rental fee of
Monthly Rental Rate