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Which Area In Pattaya Is Perfect For You

August 11, 2017
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For many people, Pattaya poses as the red-light city. However, the reality is often not as bad as one may describe it. There are many great areas in Pattaya that will quickly make the bad picture evaporate. With many beautiful beaches and amazing seafood, there is hardly anything wrong with an extensive vacation in this interesting city.


Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach extends over a length of 6 km, which is plenty enough for many hotels and resorts to position themselves right at the beach. This area is generally a bit more quiet, which is great for those who like to relax at the beach and don’t want all the hassle going on elsewhere.


Here you’ll find delicious seafood to indulge in as well as numerous restaurants to feed your appetite.


Pattaya Beach

This area of Pattaya is where it gets more busy. Pattaya Beach is roughly 4 km long, but in this case, the beach is not what makes it exciting. For the most part you’ll find that jet skis and boats occupy a large portion of the space.


This area is where you’ll find the “Walking Street”, which is closed to vehicle traffic. Here it get a bit more spicy, with bars, clubs and also red light establiments. For some, this exactly what they are looking for, for others it may be the wrong place to stay.


Similar to Jomtien Beach, there is also a great selection of restaurants of all sorts, so will definitely find something good along the way. Other attractions consist around cabaret shows, museums and other things to keep you busy.



Naklua is located in the north of Pattaya and home of the most luxurious hotels, resorts and Apartment for rent in Pattaya. This area is less hectic than Pattaya Beach with smaller beaches.


Staying in this area is particularly great for people that prefer a relaxed vacation and like to explore the local life of Pattaya.


Essentially, Pattaya can be divided into South, Central and North Pattaya. Moving inwards and away from the beaches, things start to get a little less exciting, but also cheaper. Central Pattaya is the favorite among expats and backpackers, this region offers cheaper accommodations and restaurants.


No matter where you decide to stay, there is a decent network of public transport which consists of both regular taxis as well as motorbike taxis, Baht Busses are also available throughout the city.