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Time for Walking in Hua Hin

January 21, 2019
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Winter is the Time to Explore Hua Hin on Foot

Now that winter is upon us it’s time toget out and explore Hua Hin on foot. We’ll tell you about three areas of the city where you walking and strolling is the best way to experience some of the finest things that the town has to offer while you enjoy the exercise in the cool, offshore breezes that are a highlight of Hua Hin during the winter months.  


Sand & Sea Walking Route

The undisputed main feature of Hua Hin is its kilometres of soft and pristine, white-sand beach. You can walk the shoreline for days in utter peace and quiet. The beach stretches from the Sofitel Hotel all the way to Monkey Mountain at Khao Takiab.


But this is one walk where your shoes will just be along for the ride. Kick them off, throw them over your shoulder and head down to the hard-packed sand at the water’s edge and start walking. This is the perfect time to get out of the city and get some fresh, salt-scented air into your lungs. There will be bird life to observe along the way and, of course, seashell collecting along the waterline is always a fun activity.  


There are plenty of beach-front restaurants and food vendors along the way where you can stock up on refreshments or just sit for a while in the sparkling sun until your body is rested up and ready to resume your walk.


To get back to your starting point, simply walk up to the road and flag down one of the songthaews or motorbike taxis that ply the city’s roads on a regular basis.



Eat & Shop Walking Route

Visiting the night bazaar is one activity where a car won’t help you anyway. The street is only open to pedestrians. The long street between Petchkasem Road and the railway line comes to life at sunset, with multitudes of stands popping up and offering apparel, art and crafts, jewellery, trinkets, CDs and DVDs and of course, succulent and tasty street food.


The street food in this town focuses on their abundant local seafood and these stalls and roadside restaurants offer some of the best examples of Thai-style seafood.


Wear comfortable walking shoes instead of flip-flops, because you’ll find yourself walking up and down the street choosing to revisit a stall where you saw a bargain that you just can’t live without.

The winter months are the best time to walk around the night bazaar as in the summer months the heat from the crowds and cooking fires can make the area a short-time visit at best. Whereas during the winter, you can take a long, leisurely stroll along the street.


Artistic Walking Route

Cicada Market is also one of Hua Hin’s premier walking experiences and it features arts and crafts as a main attraction. The market offers a serene park-like setting among mature trees with soft lighting that you can wander around in for hours seeing everything on offer. It’s divided into four sections – Art a la Mode, Art of Act, Art Indoors and Art of Eating and each section is well-worth exploring.


Art a la Mode is the largest section of outdoor space and it consists of stall upon stall of decorative items, clothes, home wear and handmade goods and accessories.


Of course, the section called Art of Eating is devoted to food, and the market has outdoor tables where you can sit and enjoy a meal in the balmy evening air and people-watch.


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