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Phu Noi Beach - Hua Hin’s Dolphin Bay

August 10, 2018
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Getting away from it all is getting harder and harder to do. The Internet has made it too easy to find every “secret beach” and “hideaway” and you see tourist everywhere now. On the other hand, prices are on the rise in popular tourist spots and it is getting more expensive to go anywhere worthwhile these days.


The best scenario would be to try and create a balance between exclusive and expensive. Hua Hin is already a popular tourist spot for Bangkokians and tourists alike. The city has excellent infrastructure for a beach holiday destination but sometimes the crowds that come to Hua Hin can make things a lot less exciting.


Leaving Hua Hin for nearby destinations is the best way to your own piece of happiness. We’ve discussed the enchanting Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park but now we’re looking at another place in the region in more detail.



Phu Noi Beach or Dolphin Bay is in the Sam Roi Yot District and very close to the national park. We have previously mentioned this beach in passing but now here’s a few things that would entice you to come out to Phu Noi Beach for a few days.



Phu Noi Beach is the home to many pink and grey-nosed dolphins. The beach has always brought tourists here, notably Thai tourists. The various tour companies offer packages for cruises along the bay. One must exercise caution when selecting a cruise package as there have been many allegations of scams by unscrupulous individuals. It is best to ask around about which tour operators are trustworthy before selecting one in particular.


With some luck, you will get to see the dolphins in all their majesty, playing in the water and having a great time. It is these moments that we treasure more than anything, so enjoy the dolphins and the peaceful setting on the boat.


Unwind Near the Dolphin Bay Resort

The Dolphin Bay Resort is one of the more popular resorts in the area and it usually has the most tourists. If you are looking to eat some food, the Dolphin Bay Resort’s Cafe Loma is a good option as it has a nice variety of Thai and Western food but there are other options nearby as well.


The local Thai restaurants are much cheaper but there are few other options here as well. For drinks, the Beach Bar is a mainstay here as it service and German food are highly rated. You will find plenty of other options to enjoy some food and drinks by the beach, so take your time.


Airstylers Kite School

While it is between Dolphin Bay and Hua Hin, the Airstylers Kite School deserves special mention because it is just an exciting activity that is not easy to find. For the daredevils among us, kitesurfing is a sport that has all the exciting features to make for thrill ride.


The Airstylers Kite School promises to make kitesurfing a fun experience. They have single-day introductory course, a refresher course for people who have kitesurfed before and even a three-day beginner’s course to teach you everything you need to know to start kitesurfing.


You can always head over to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park to catch the birds, animals and natural limestone formations or head to any of the nearby beaches and islands we’ve named before such Laem Sala, Koh Lam (Monkey Island) and many more.


Phu Noi Beach and Khao Sam Roi Yot are easily accessible to Hua Hin residents. It’s only a 1 hour drive to any of these lovely getaways so why invest in a hotel in Hua Hin when you can rent an apartment with Rental For The Holidays. Explore everything that Hua Hin and the areas around it have to offer from your base in a comfortable accommodation of your choosing.