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Explore Local Thai Breweries and Craft Beers Based In Phuket

January 3, 2018
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Locals and tourists alike flock to the beautiful Phuket to experience the beautiful dazzling beaches, green rolling hills and carefree nature. Along with all the beauty that Phuket has to offer, one of the unique ways to see another side of the island is through the local beers. 


Drunk throughout Thailand, the tasty Chalawan Pale Ale, is made right here in Phuket at Full Moon Brew Works, it’s Phuket’s only Microbrewery and restaurant. The beer itself is brewed onsite by head brewer, Sukij Thipatima. This hand crafted small batch beer is brewed in traditional German style and blended with local Thai flavours for a rather distinctive taste.


It’s definitely worth a trip for beer and food connoisseurs. Choose to spend the day getting to know the brewery and the beer making process, and end your day with a hearty meal at the restaurant, with a pint or two of the local Full Moon beer. 


Located at the Jungceylon Mall in the Patong area, it’s an easy escape from a day at the beach to the cool interior of this hip and happening microbrewery where you’ll enjoy a cool pint and taste the flavours of Thailand on offer. Rent a Patong studio apartment and take advantage of the closeness to the brewery. 


Put down your global-branded beer and pick up something different. With a big range of locally handcrafted beers, you’ll be struck with the variety of choices. Start and end your night with a Full Moon beer!


Here’s our guide to some of the beers on offer made by Full Moon Brew Works in Phuket:


1. The Chalawan Pale Ale

An iconic party beer made in Phuket, with light flavours that lend itself to easy drinking. The flavours of lychee, citrus and floral notes pepper the medium bodied beer.


2. The Oriental Wheat

With particular Thai influences, you’ll taste a mixture of Thai tangerine peels and Chiangmai coriander seeds from this Phuket brewed beer. Light bodied, it’s beautifully crisp and perfect for coming right off a day at the beach. The wheat, oatmeal and malt blend is unique in taste and flavour. 


3. Wild Coffee Stout

As delicious as it sounds. Pilsner Malt from Germany and mixed with a secondary fermentation at the microbrewery in Phuket using a process of wild honey from lychee pollen and Thai coffee beans from Doi-Tung. The espresso martini lover’s will savour this one. Deep and medium bodied with lots of hoppiness, the notes of dark chocolate will shine and coat your tongue with every sip.


4. Pandanus Green Ale

A green ale? Who would have thought of such a thing. Full Moon Brew Works did, that’s who. One of the most famous flavours across all of Southeast Asia, as iconic as coconut, jasmine and lychees is the Pandan leaf. Often used in culinary pursuits from sweet to savoury dishes, this popular leaf is melded together in the beer making process. A light green aroma and Pandan flavour, it’s subtle and light. You can enjoy a great beer from pilsner malt and crystal malt from Germany with the inspiration from the Orient. This beer is seasonal, so plan your visit carefully to get a taste of the special creation. 


5. Andaman Dark Ale

With british influence, this sweet caramel beer is mild in body and smooth in spirit. You’ll get taste of Thai black sticky rice mixed in with dark chocolate and bursts of coffee to finish. It’s a medium bodied beer to enjoy as you get stuck into the complex flavours of the ale’s on offer, all created in Phuket. 


You don’t just need to stick to Jungceylon, with the popularity of Full Moon’s beers growing, it’s worth keeping an eye out for these local beers at your nearby beach resort or bar. The bars along Patong are also littered with dozens of places to enjoy your local Singha’s, Phuket Beer or maybe a Federbrau if you’re looking for something more easily found. 


Wherever you are, it’s easy to find a great place to enjoy a locally made beer. But we do recommend going out of your way to find one of the small batch and thai-inspired Full Moon beers which can be harder to find out of the Phuket area. It’s a unique flavour experience brought to you by local Thai creators and enhanced by the local culture and atmosphere.