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Tips: 3 Steps to blend in with Thais

October 14, 2016
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If long term stay or peaceful retiree life in Thailand are what you are looking for, let's do these 3 steps to blend in with Thais. 


Thailand is a good choice for travelling and also retiring.  With the nature of nation that is local friendly, it is not hard for traveler or expat to adapt to Thai culture. However if you are new to Thailand and planning to have a long term stay in Thailand, we have 3 basic steps for you as a tip for living in Thailand.




1. Let’s take local transportation


To go around the city, Tuk Tuk and 2-taew are the perfect choices of transportation. Tuk Tuk (3-wheel vehicle) is best for those who come with family or friends. You just have to tell the driver where you want to go then negotiate the price. The price is varied depending on distance, usually starting from THB 30. Another option is 2-taew, it is a good choice for those who come alone or couple. 2-Taew will drop you off at specific stop similar to bus. It is very famous in tourist destinations such as Hua-Hin, Phuket and Pattaya. 2-taew normally stops at all tourist attractions around the city.




2. Let’s try local taste


Thailand is diversity in term of food, though 2 types of food that commonly find everywhere are Noodle and Khao-Gang (Rice with side dish). There are many type of Noodle for instance dried noodle, noodle with broth and boat noodle. For Khao-Gang, one dish of Khao-Gang can fill up your stomach with variety choices of side dish. Therefore finding food in Thailand is not difficult at all thus don’t forget to try many more delicious foods in Thailand to truly understand taste of Thai. (Read more about food in Street foods in Thailand).  




3. Let’s shopping like local


Market is another thing you should go and feel the locals. Beside large department stores, Thais love to go shopping at open-air market and night market. There are wide ranges of product with reasonable price at these markets. Food can also find in these markets, you can enjoy both shopping and eating at the same time. Open-air market and night market are very famous in Hua Hin, Phuket and Pattaya as well.  Hua Hin night market and Cicada market are always drawn lots of locals and tourists, similar to Lard Yai night market in Phuket that always crowned.



To have a flawless stay in Thailand, perfect rental is also important for long term stay.

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