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10 Gadgets You Need To Bring To Phuket For A Long Weekend

November 28, 2017
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Phuket’s popularity continues to increase as a tourist destination and weekend getaway for locals and expats. Only a short flight from Bangkok, you’ll arrive in this idyllic Thai island paradise in no time. A gateway to exploring the rest of the picturesque locations like Patong Beach or Phi Phi island, there’s no denying that Phuket’s seat on the top spot isn’t about to change anytime soon. 


With a range of different activities from adventure sports like jetskiing to snorkeling amongst the tropical fish. Outdoor go-karting to patong nightlife. You can go deep into the jungle during the day, cool off with a boat ride in the afternoon and finish with a refreshing bucket by the beach in the evening. 


For your weekend trip to Phuket, you’ll need some cool gadgets up your sleeve to make the most of it. Here’s our guide to 10 gadgets you should bring to Phuket, now!


1. Action Camera To Capture The Adventure

Grab yourself an action camera like a GoPro to capture all those underwater and hands-free shots. Rugged and waterproof, it’s the perfect sidekick to let you kick back and enjoy all the adrenaline adventure sports whilst knowing your memories are being captured for later. 


2. Selfie Pole For Those Underwater Shots

A weekend in Phuket is sure to involve some swimming and snorkeling. Your best accessory is a selfie pole to attach to your action camera. Maybe you’ll get lucky and score a great shot with a turtle or tropical fish in the background. 


3. Blow Up Swim Floats For Your Weekend Swims

All the latest rage, blow up swim floats are the best poolside and ocean toy. They work as a fashion accessory from golden swans to mythical unicorns to practical pool supplies. Float along while you let the blow up swan take all your stress away or have fun and use them as racing toys in the pool or ocean. Whatever you choose, they pack up small and blow up big for major fun. 

Best to think about booking your own private apartment rental in Phuket so you can take advantage of floating the weekend away. 


4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Beachside Beats

An absolute must, a portable bluetooth speaker will take your pool and beach afternoon to another level. From relaxed house tunes to creating a party. Your bluetooth speaker will help you craft the perfect atmosphere for your Phuket weekend. 

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5. Polaroid Camera For Insta-Coconut Selfies

The polaroid camera is coming back with insta-pics on everyone’s bucket list. Grab a coconut, Kamala Beach backdrop and your best pout and snap away. Give it a good shake and before you know it, you’ll have an insta-memory in your hands.


6. Kindle For Long Afternoon Reading Sessions

To really chill out by the pool or beach, load up a kindle with 100’s of books. With everything electronic and portable, why not do the same for your library? 


7. Reef Waterproof Stash Sandals

Not just any ordinary sandals, Reef has taken it one step further with a hidden slot for your important belongings, like keys and credit cards. You can walk from your hotel room to all day activities knowing your important goods are “stashed” away. 


8. Waterproof Pool Table For The Ultra Luxe

For the ultimate in pool fun, bring along the Waterproof Pool Table. It’s as crazy as it sounds - a mid-sized pool table that floats in your pool. Taking pool entertainment to the next level. For the ultra luxe, this gadget will cost you a pretty penny. 


9. Mini Drone To Capture Those Landscape Shots

No longer are your tourist photos enough, with technology catching up - your friend’s weekend photo’s are getting better and better. One up them with a pocket drone. Fly it up high for visual and video panoramic shots of beaches, mountains and more. 


10. Chillsner Beer Chiller

What’s a weekend away without an ice cold beer? While Phuket might be tropical, your beer doesn’t need to be. The Chillsner Beer Chiller is an ice stick you can stick in your beer keeping it ice cold from first sip to the bottom. 


Get one or get them all, these gadgets are sure to bring your Phuket weekend from fun to downright memorable. Adding another layer of fun, convenience and excitement, you’ll be planning a weekend just to test your new toys out.