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Pool Hopping Hua Hin

July 9, 2017
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Few things spell a vacation in paradise quite like sipping a cold cocktail in an infinity pool while overlooking the ocean and sunset. Hua Hin is home to many scenic pools scattered across the town. Whether you want to know which properties have their own infinity pools or where you can take your children to swim, here’s the definitive list to prepare you for some pool hopping in Hua Hin.


Vana Nava

Besides the splendid pools here, Vana Nava is one of the most beautifully constructed water parks in all of Asia. The water slides such as “Abyss” are massive and thrilling. There’s a Water Jungle section, which features some of the best slides in Thailand. 

After your excursions at the nineteen slides, you can sip a drink at its splendid infinity pool. There’s also a wave pool with a sandy beach. The other attraction you must see at Vana Nava is the man-made waterfall, which reaches an astonishing 31 meters. The water park is only a short drive from Hua Hin’s town center.


Let’s Sea

One of the most striking pools in Hua Hin is at Let’s Sea Hua in Al Fresco Resort. The famous pool is 120 M long and stretches the resort and is definitely picture-worthy. You can visit their splendid restaurant as well and have a quiet drink by the pool in the evening.


Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa

An African oasis in the heart of Thailand, this resort is famous for its sumptuous pool. The palm trees are nestled on banks across the gorgeous water and the tropical vibe is palpable. The infinity pool offers a fantastic view of Hua Hin Beach. It’s open 24 hours and also include a kid’s pool and Jacuzzi.



Black Mountain Water Park

Located just 15 minutes from Hua Hin’s center, Black Mountain is a behemoth water park that’s perfect for keeping the entire family entertained. They have a spectacular wave pool, the biggest of its kind in Thailand. You can swim, surf and play in waves that go up to 2 meters high. There’s also the Spa Pool, where you can recharge and relax with the jacuzzi bubbles. 

The Children’s Adventure Pool is perfect for younger kids, where the labyrinth of slides converges to create a wonderful play area. If you want to swim laps during your visit to Black Mountain or just bask in the view of the sea, the Infinity Pool is the most relaxing spot for watching the sunset.


Baan Saan Kraam

This luxury condominium is part of our portfolio, where modern design meets classical beachside living. The pools here are expansive and the water is crystal clear. Find your sanctuary away from home at this wonderful property right by the shore.



Baan Sansuk

A property teeming with lush gardens, Baan Sansuk features a 230-meter- long swimming pool which stretches along the entire premises. The water is at your doorstep while there are gorgeous lounges scattered on different parts of the pool – the entire experience is enhanced with a jacuzzi and a private beach just minutes away.


Baan San Ngam

At Baan San Ngam, the pool is simply resplendent. Where contemporary holiday homes meet nature-inspired designs, the property features a wonderful infinity pool with a fantastic ocean view. The perfect quiet retreat for families and couples, whether you want to sunbathe in privacy or enjoy your cocktails with the gorgeous Hua Hin sunset.


Cape Nidhra

One look at the pictures of Cape Nidhra’s pools are all it takes to see why they made it on this list. The gorgeous infinity pool is at its most beautiful at night, when its immaculate lighting creates a wonderful contrast with the crystal-clear waters. The sunbeds are posh and luxurious while there are also gazebos with shades to keep out the sun. The palm trees create the perfect scene for sunsets. A must-visit for a drink and swim.




Loy Nam

The Anantara in Hua Hin is one of the most beautiful resorts in town. If you want to have a lazy afternoon by a splendid pool, the atmosphere is both luxurious and tropical. You can unwind by the pool bar and soak up the sun on the comfy day beds. Satisfy your hunger with delicious tapas from the kitchen while you can also sip on exotic cocktails while you lounge by or in the pool.



The pool here is spectacular and is arguably one of the best in Hua Hin. The large, free form infinity pool has an artificial beach and also features water slides, a jacuzzi and water curtain. You’ll love the sun loungers laid out be the trees and the refreshing cocktails from the pool bar.


Hua Hin is an idyllic town to spend a quiet vacation away from it all. Our portfolio of condominium rentals and apartments feature splendid infinity pools, replete with every amenity you could wish for to make your stay rich in indulgence. Browse through our listings to see the latest offers and special rates for the summer.