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Most Photogenic Cafes in Hua Hin

October 2, 2017
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Apart from spending time at the beach, Hua Hin is also filled with great hangout spots and cafes for families and friends. With more and more outdoor community malls such as Seen Space being built, there is an endless list of photogenic cafes with amazing sceneries of Hua Hin. If you are renting a condo in Hua Hin, we would like to introduce you to some cafes that you shouldn’t miss when you visit this beautiful beach town.


 1d+ Day Artist


Do you like spending a chilled day relishing on a cup of aromatic coffee while appreciating a fine piece of arts? This cafe is perfect for you. Located in the middle of a quiet neighborhood surrounded by top accommodations in Khao Tao like Las Tortugas and Chelona, 1d+ Day Artist may seem like your traditional Thai restaurant and café, but its appeal lies in the groovy monochrome interior design that juxtaposes the cozy wooden furniture.


This picturesque cafe is divided into three separated sections, all of which enjoy their own distinctive vibrancy – the restaurant area, the café corner, and the garden. This makes visiting 1d+ Day Artist more enjoyable as they offer diverse scenery for guests to choose to sip their coffee. No matter you want to enjoy the pleasant cafe atmosphere, indulge in the creamy soup of Thai green curry, or sip a cold mango smoothie in the lush green garden, 1d+ Day Artist sure has it all.   


Location: Click!

Opening Hours: 9am-8pm Everyday 



Inu Café

If you are a dog-lover, this cafe should be the top of your must-go list. All the lovely Shiba dogs in the cafe are various in size, and are all clean and well looked after. The cute, heart-melting animals are sure to bring all the likes and numerous comments to your photos on social media. Moreover, there is an option to feed these dogs treats; while having them next to you in the cafe, you can order a big selection of Thai and Western food from their menu such as Burger and Spicy Pork Basil Dish. Although the cafe does not offer coffee, they provide flavourful fruit juices and Italian sodas.


This place is simply designed and gives a homey vibe, offering basic and fuss-free food. The menu here is in both Thai and English. The staffs are bilingual, making it a great place for foreigners to come by and enjoy the company of lovely dogs for a change from the time at the beach.


Location: Click!


Opening Hours: Closed on Tuesdays, 11am-8pm


Vanilla Factory

Cosy and ideally located in the center of Hua Hin, Vanilla Factory is the place to shield from the sun and taste their signature crispy egg waffles served with a creamy scoop of vanilla delight topped with sweet and sour strawberry sauce. The design of Vanilla Factory can be described as whimsical and unorderly unique with its mismatched chairs and colorful pillows, creating an interesting contrast with the white brick wall. The best time to take nice pictures at this cafe is when it is drenched in the afternoon sun. The adorable cafe is spacious with the whole front wall dedicated to wide and tall windows, allowing warm rays of light to fill in. Since Vanilla Factory is located right next to a bustling street of Nong Kae-Takiap that runs pass the famous Cicada night market, this cafe acts as an urban sanctuary  in the middle of luxurious hotels i.e. The Rock and modern condo project of Sansiri Baan Imm Aim.


Location: Click!

Opening Hours: 11am-10pm Everyday



Virus Space & Cafe - Seen Space Hua Hin

There’s nothing better than blending art and coffee together. Located by the sea at the trendy community mall of Seen Space, the new popular landmark in Hua Hin. The Virus Space was designed for multi purposes with immensely great artistic taste. It operates as gallery, workshop venue, screening room and music studio.


The Virus Space & Cafe exemplifies a new trend of architecture that you can see on Pinterest, creating a minimal style area. The concept emphasizes on the spaciousness and natural light from the seaside shining into the room making it photogenic and ideal for a photoshoot. The result is a relaxing hangout place to spend your day with your friends and family. Fusion Thai and Western dishes are the main focus here and they are great for both locals and foreigners.


Location: Click!


Opening Hours: 11am-10pm Everyday



Air Space Hua Hin

Gigantic sofa lined with comfy pillows. Soft yellow lights shining down from the ceiling. There’s nothing more comfy and spacious than Air Space and its beautiful glass house design. The place is inspired by the Wright brothers who pioneered air space and the first who successfully invented the airplane. The restaurant is filled with rustic charm of the first explorers of aviation industry through the design of industrial loft that emphasizes on using strong steel and naked concrete. Filled with vintage decorating items, Air Space draws an attention to the tiniest detail to make sure it delivers a nostalgic vibe to its customers.


Location: Click!

Opening Hours: 9am-11pm Everyday


These are just a few places from the endless list of new photogenic spots to hang out in Hua Hin. As the coffee culture and social media addiction have become more popular in Thailand, you can be sure to see more spurts of cafes and a supply for photogenic spaces to support the ever-growing demand.




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