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Horse Riding and Polo in Pattaya

August 10, 2018
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Pattaya is famous around the world for a lot of things. Tourists love the beaches, the food, the golf and the entertainment available across this wonderful little coastal city. It is sometimes easy to forget that Pattaya is a city like any other with its own residents who shape the character and the mentality of their hometown.


The people of Pattaya have a long standing tradition with horse riding and it is something that they greatly enjoy doing. The sport of Polo has been in Thailand for a long time now and it is extremely popular with the wealthier citizens of Thailand, especially in Bangkok and Pattaya. It is only natural for Pattaya to have some of the best horse riding and polo facilities in the country but what can you expect from these facilities? Will they instruct children and new riders? Is it possible to learn how to play polo?


We have compiled some of the best places to institutions for horse riding and polo in Pattaya and we’re going to share them with you.

The Thai Polo & Equestrian Club


The Thai Polo and Equestrian Club covers 250 hectares of incredible land that is dedicated solely to the pleasures of riding and polo. If you ever take the opportunity to tour the grounds of this club, you will see that the facilities are pristine. The clubhouse has the Chukka Bar and a swimming pool, which are always nice but we’re here for the horses.


The Stables at this club can hold up to 150 horses but they have at least 80 horse for members to use for riding and polo. The clear highlight of the Thai Polo and Equestrian Club are the polo fields. The club has three world-class polo fields and two practice fields. They have the consistency of a billiards table and they are a true delight to play on. The other courses are cross-country and eventing.


The club’s Polo School is run by Mr Rege Ludwig, who is an experienced polo trainer. Now, polo is not an easy sport to learn nor is it cheap to invest in but access to a coach of this level is not easy to find. The polo classes run from July-November, check their website to find out what these can be.

Horseshoe Point


Horseshoe Point might be the most complete destination for horse riding and vacationing. Aside from the horse riding facilities, Horseshoe Point has accommodation facilities, dining, paintball, a multipurpose sport field, zipline & adventure park and water games to name but a few of their facilities. The whole family will always have something to do on the premises whether it is adventure sports, lounging by the pool, working out at the gym or riding horses.


Horseshoe Point has a riding school on the premises. The Riding School has full curriculums for all levels of riders from dressage, classical riding, trail rides and so much more. There are even courses for jumping, which is an advanced skill but it is a testament to how thorough the school is.


If you just want to ride some horses though, it’s not a problem as Horseshoe Point offers pleasure rides and riding arenas, where you can ride horses at your leisure.

Pipo Pony Club


A casual horse-riding experience can be found in all kinds of places around Pattaya but we recommend the Pipo Pony Club. They have a range of ponies and horses including adorable Shetland ponies and the kids will enjoy taking rides on the horses with the expert horse handler supervising everything.


There are other activities on the premises such as a ‘Cowboys and Indians’ show and a small mammals and lizard enclosure. They do have a Pipo Riding School as well so if you still want to learn some basic riding skills, that is also a possibility.


Horse riding is time-consuming to learn and enjoy but a long-term rental in Pattaya should help you keep at ease. Rental For The Holidays is a great option to find an apartment that can accommodate your whole family for a reasonable price. Enjoy horse riding in Pattaya.