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Best places to reach by motorbike from Hua Hin

February 2, 2018
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If you are renting a motorbike in Hua Hin, you will have lots of adventures awaiting you. Many visitors like to find Hua Hin rentals where they can stay for the long term, enjoying the beach, but also travelling out to nearby locations for day trips. These are the best places you can travel to during your time in Hua Hin.



This beach area is about 30 minutes’ travel from Hua Hin, and is a little different to the experience you will have at your home base. It is not as popular and so this means that the beaches are quieter, giving you a relaxed vibe to enjoy all day long. There are great views here of rock formations and small islands right off the coast, and lots to do during the day. The area is spread out with resorts and holiday homes spaced along the coast, so having your motorbike there is ideal for exploring.


Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

If you do visit Pranburi, you might want to leave your Hua Hin apartments again the next day to come out to explore the nearby national park. It is close to Pranburi and many of the tourists staying in the resort are there to get the most out of this beautiful park.

The name Khao Sam Roi Yot translates as ‘300 peaks’. It is named so because of the small limestone mountains which populate the area, and which provide ample room for exploring. You will also find protected beaches, marshes, trails for hiking, caves, and bird watching areas.


Khao Luang Temple and Cave

About an hour away from Hua Hin – though the journey will take longer if you choose the scenic route along the coast – is the Khao Luang Temple and Cave. These caves are filled with carvings and images of the Buddha, and it has a very interesting history. King Rama IV of Siam laid some of the statues in the mid-1800s.

The one thing you need to look out for when entering the caves is the monkeys. They are attracted by food left as offerings in front of the large Buddha statues, and will try their luck at grabbing anything they can eat. Inside, however, you will feel a deep sense of calm and tranquility in these holy surroundings. The shaft of light which comes down to illuminate the gold statues in the center of the cave is breathtaking.


Khao Takiab

You certainly don’t need to go far with your motorbike to find Khao Takiab. Almost any rental condo Hua Hin has to offer will be in view of the so-called Monkey Mountain, home to Monkey Temple. Why is it named this? Because of the huge number of monkeys that call it home!

The stand-out feature of this area, just ten minutes’ ride from the main Hua Hin beach, is the giant gold Buddha statue which features on the side overlooking the sands. Above it, however, you will see the temple just poking out its head. You can go by motorbike right the way to the top on the road, speeding past walkers going up the steep stairs.

The same mountain is also home to a Chinese temple, containing pagodas and statues in bright colors. This is a great place to visit to take in the varied history and cultures of this area of Thailand, and to see some other cultural influences.

There are plenty of areas to explore by motorbike around Hua Hin. Even simply riding along the coastal roads to enjoy the beaches is a lot of fun!