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An Afternoon at Chopstick Hill

July 27, 2017
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Prior to your visit to Hua Hin, you may have come across the name Khao Takiab. If not, then maybe you heard about “Chopstick Hill” or “Monkey Mountain”. If none of those things ring a bell, then let us tell you more about it.


Khao Takiab is located roughly 7km south of Hua Hin and most prominently known for its impressive hill sight. If you find yourself in Hua Hin and are looking for some interesting day tours, or you are already planning on going there, you should consider a few things first.

Here is a brief overview of things you should and shouldn’t do.


Things to do


When you visit Khao Takiab and you made it all the way to the top of Chopstick Hill, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view over the Beach of Hua Hin.


Something you should absolutely do while you are at Khao Takiab, is enjoy some delicious and fresh seafood at local stalls. It’s arguably some of the best you can find in Hua Hin, so you should not miss out. There is, of course, also many restaurants in the area that offer some international food if that’s what you’re after.


Not too far from the Chopstick Hill you’ll find a beautiful Chinese temple which surely is great to look at as well.


Having seen Chopstick Hill, along with its vast number of monkeys that live there, you should head down to the beach to enjoy the beach activities, such as volleyball or football.


Of course, you can also just enjoy long walks on the beach to get a nice tan.


Things not to do


Considering that Chopstick Hill is a religious place, you can not show any disrespect to people at Chopstick Hill. There is a temple up top and you will certainly see at least a few monks.


That being said, it should come as no surprise to avoid visiting Khao Takiab during public holidays and especially important Buddhist days. These days are extremely busy with not only monks, but also Thai locals gathering at this place.


On first sight, the monkeys may seem cute and approachable, however, we strongly advise not to get too close to them. While you are allowed to feed them and can buy bananas for the monkeys, be aware that it can get out of hand relatively quickly with many of them fighting for food. Don’t be surprised if one will jump you.


In addition to feeding the monkeys, you should keep an eye out for any of your personal items that a loosely attached to your body. These are usually objects of interest for the monkeys and can be taken quicker than you might think. Consider which items you feel necessary and leave all the rest at your accommodation.



Chopstick Hill is an interesting place if you stay in Hua Hin looking for a nice day trip. What makes this most enjoyable is the view from up top and the amazing seafood you can find in Khao Takiab.