Street Foods in Thailand

October 05, 2016.
Tags: Cuisine


Sweet, sour, salty and spicy are how we describe street food in Thailand. Which taste do you like? Just named it, we have it all.

If you come to Thailand and haven’t tried street foods, you definitely miss one of the best things in Thailand. Street foods in Thailand come with good taste and low price that will help you spare some money for travelling and shopping.  


Street foods in Thailand are generally found at food strollers that can be pushed around the city. The most common food you would find is probable Pad-Thai (Stir-fried rice noodle) but do you know that food that normally sells along with Pad-Thai stand Hoy-Tod (Oyster omelet), one of the most ordering street foods in Thailand.

However, if you are a rice person there is also Khao-Gang (Rice with side dish), a stand that sells variety of food, ranging from stir-fired to curry that eat together with rice. An example of curry that everyone knows is Gang-Kiew-Waan (Green curry) that can also find at a stand selling Khao-Gang.

If what we have said above are too heavy. You might want to try Thai style BBQ. Serveral choices of meat are available whether you prefer pork, chicken or seafood. Thai style BBQ is good for those who would like to try many foods as it comes in small portion.

Street foods are not only main dish or meat dish but also dessert. Top two street desserts that we would recommend you to try are Kanom-Bueang (Thai crepe) and Kanom-Khai-Nok-Kratha (can also called Kanom-Khai-Tao). The word “Kanom” that places in the beginning means dessert in Thai.

When you see Kanom-Bueang, you might think of tacos but it filled with cream together with either sweet or savory topping. Kanom-Khai-Nok-Kratha is fried sweet potato dough that comes in a size of a quail’s egg. Kanom-Khai-Nok-Kratha is a famous street dessert for all ages of Thai.

These street foods can find all over the city especially for tourist destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket, Hua Hin and Pattaya. If you want to try living like local Thai or plan to have long-term stay, we suggest you to try street foods for once and we guarantee that you will love them.

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