6 Ideas For A Night Out In Pattaya That Don’t Involve Bars

January 03, 2018.
Tags: Pattaya

You might be tempted to take Pattaya off your Thailand travel list. With a bustling entertainment and nightlife scene, you might be looking for something a little more low-key. Well, fear not! There is actually more to Pattaya than meets the eye.

Aside from tourist hotspots like traditional Thai temples, botanical gardens and of course beautiful beaches, there’s a lot more to discover in Pattaya during the night. If you’re a family, couple or even a solo traveller thinking, what else is there to Pattaya? We have you covered.

Here is our activity guide to 6 six things to do in Pattaya for a night out (that don’t involve bars!).

1. Explore The Foodie Scene With A Late Night Stroll

Do you love great food? Why not design your own walking food tour. It could be the delicious street food you discover, or hop from some of the best restaurants with an aperitif to start and dessert to finish. Discovering the city by food is the best create-your-own-adventure. Leave your Pattaya apartment rental with an empty stomach and prepare to fill it as you walk or tuk-tuk around the streets. Finish it off with a late night stroll down the beach to unwind after filling your stomach with the best food the city has to offer.

2. Pamper Yourself

Who says you need a reason to book in for an all day (or night!) pamper session. From Thai massage to body scrubs and facials, why not have it all. Many massage spas open until 10pm or 12am allowing you to fully indulge in a day out sightseeing and a night having all your knots massaged away. Find a massage spa that has a pamper package, or simply ask if you can create your own from their offerings. It’s definitely an indulgent way to spend three to six hours. We can guarantee you’ll be sleeping like a baby after your Pattaya pamper session!

3. Stand High With The Pattaya Viewpoint

Feel like getting active, then go for a late night hike up to the Pattaya Viewpoint (Khao Pattaya View Point) on Pratumnak Hilland, take in the city with the lights on. Roughly a 45 minute walk, be prepared to get your fitness on, but the view will be worth it. You’ll be rewarded with sweeping views of the bay and panoramic glimpse of Pattaya. 

4. Get Silly At Art In Paradise

It’s a museum for the fun. Art In Paradise is a 3D Art Museum, where it encourages you to get involved. Open in the evening you can choose to visit after dinner or a day out. Large lifesize wall paintings will astound you with their realness, jump into the photo and see just how realistic you can make it. From kissing fishes (that will look like they’re popping out of the wall), to nestling yourself into an oyster. You’ll have fun as you contort and move to get the best shot possible.

5. Let Loose With A Game Of Bowling

There are a few bowling arcades open until 11pm. So take your pick, or try them all out. Combine it with dinner or snacks, and your night is set. Flex your competitive spirits with friends or family and see who can hit those ten pin shots. You’ll get back to a bit of silly fun that encourage some screen-free bonding time. A classic nighttime activity that combines movement and laughter, add it to your list now.

6. Tiffany Cabaret Show

It’s a must-do when you visit Thailand, one of the only places in the world you’ll see an authentic thai-style cabaret show. The glitz and glamour and the costumes will just be a plus to the dancing, music and performances. It’s truly a once in a lifetime performance that will have you laughing, cheering and watching with eyes wide open. It’s a great place to enjoy a drink or two without having to go to a bar.

7. Out On The Water With Squid Fishing At Night

A perfect activity for the family, spend the night out squid fishing. You’ll enjoy the cool sea breeze and rocking of the boat as you fish for squid. You’ll be able to enjoy your spoils as well with dinner cooked from your catch. Choose from a whole day tour and include daytime activities like parasailing, watch in wonder as they bathe the sea in green light while you fish.

With a list of after hours activities to do in Pattaya, you’ll have more things to do than time. You can still choose to indulge in a few nights out on the town, but as you can see Pattaya isn’t just Walking Street. There’s so much more to discover once you dig under the surface. Choose to stay in one of our monthly Pattaya apartments, and you’ll definitely be able to fit in everything onto your list.