Discover the Rich Variety of Seafood in Hua Hin

June 15, 2019.
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Food-loving visitors to Hua Hin will be anxious to get out to the food stalls and restaurants that are all around the town to sample the amazingly fresh seafood that they all specialise in.

But visitors on their first trip to Thailand, may not be aware of the variety and abundance of different types of seafood and the way they are traditionally prepared.

Keep in mind that every restaurant that depends on the local fishing industry to supply their restaurant may not have what you’re looking for at the time you pay them a visit. This is particularly true during the monsoon season when the seas get too rough for fishing boats to leave the harbour.

To give you a basic idea of what’s normally available and how you should expect the seafood to be prepared, we’ve compiled a list of popular types of seafood you should expect to encounter on your trip Hua Hin. We also include some suggestions on how you can expect your seafood choices to be prepared.


Saltwater Fish to Die For

There are hundreds of varieties of fish for sale in Thailand, but if you order fish in a restaurant, you can usually expect to be served one of 5 species of saltwater fish. Asian Sea Bass, also called Barramundi, is the most common and Thai Snapper is a close second. But Snow Fish, Butterfish and 'Gindara’ Southern Black Cod also can pop up on the menu with some regularity.

Steamed fish served with lime, garlic and chilli sauce is always a favourite. Steaming creates a moist, flaky texture to the fish that is perfectly complemented by lime, garlic and chilli sauce.

Grilled fish is also popular as well as grilled fish that have been coated with salt. Rather than making these fish too salty to eat, the salt creates a barrier that seals in the juices, resulting in mouth-wateringly tender meat. You’ll see fish being grilled this way all over town and you should certainly try them to experience a new taste sensation.


Lobsters Galore

You'll undoubtedly be seeing a ton of lobsters grilling when you walk through the night market and every restaurant in town worth its reputation will have several types of lobsters on a bed of ice on display. There are five types of lobster available in Thailand. The most common to see are two types of spiny lobsters. There are also two types of slipper' lobsters', which are not true lobsters, but taste just as good. Then there is also the Hairy Lobster. When you order lobster, you should choose one that is at least 700-800 grams, anything under that won’t be as flavourful and sweet as the bigger ones. The most common way to prepare lobster in Thailand is to cut open the back, grill it and serve it with lime and chilli sauce. Butter is also available at some restaurants.

Crab is Always in Season

The Blue Swimming Crab is the most abundant type of commercial marine crab in Thailand. There are four know crab habitats in the Gulf of Thailand that serve to keep crab on the menu all year round.

Crabs in Thailand are boiled, steamed, baked or grilled, depending on the restaurant you go to. The vendor will provide you with a nutcracker and shells are cracked by the diner. Several dipping sauces generally accompany a delectable meal of crab.

Squid is an Abundant Thai Favourite

Take a walk on Hau Hin beach some evening after the sun goes down. Do you see lots of ghostly green pools of light out to sea? Those represent just a fraction of the boats out fishing for Bigfin Reef Squid in the Gulf of Thailand and on the Andaman Sea.

Fishing for squid is remarkably easy. Just shine those lights you see down on the surface of the ocean, and the squid are drawn to them. The fishermen then use nets to scoop them into the boat.

The abundance of squid has led to it being a favourite food to be consumed fresh and as a dried snack in Thailand.

When eating it fresh, you can order calamari-style squid rings with chilli, lime and garlic or have them served in a salad with tomatoes and shallots. They are a common ingredient in Yam Woon Sen, a spicy glass noodle salad. They can also be braised in a brown, spicy sauce that’s aromatic with fresh holy basil. 

One of the favourite Thai methods of preparing the whole squid is to pass them through a press until they are as flat as a pancake and then grill them. The aroma of grilling squid always is a familiar scent around the night market.


Shrimp and Prawns Are an Art in Thailand

Thailand is a shrimp and prawn supplier to most of the world. They've perfected the art of shrimp and prawn farming. When you order this type of seafood at a restaurant, you can imagine that the locals have the cream of what's available.

That’s why shrimp or giant river prawns should definitely be on the menu when you’re in Thailand. Baked, grilled, fried or steamed, these beauties never disappoint you with their sweet and tender flavours. Try them baked in a clay pot with vermicelli, or in the world favourite of Thai Soups, Tom Yum Kung.

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