Fun for a Rainy Day in Patong

August 15, 2019.
Tags: Patong, Activities

With the rainy season upon us, don't waste a day of your holiday staring out the window at the rain or staring at the TV. There are plenty of indoor activities all around Patong to keep you and your family busy until the rain eases up and the sun comes out again. 

The monsoon season doesn't mean that Patong will be awash with rain from June through October. On average, it only rains a couple of hours a day. But those couple of hours might just as well be spent having. 

If you're stumped trying to think of what to do when it rains in Patong, here are some suggestions for indoor activities that will keep everyone in your family happy and occupied. 


Take the Kids to Jungceylon

You may not appreciate the thought of simply traipsing around a shopping centre on your holiday, no matter what the weather. But the third floor of the Jungceylon Shopping Centre in the middle of Patong has plenty of fun activities for kids to enjoy. 

They've made the third floor the entertainment zone. For kids aged twelve and under, Kidzoona and Molly Fantasy offer a minimum of a couple of hours of activities to keep their mind engaged and their body occupied. 

Kidzoona is aimed more at the younger ages with a ball pool, inflatable slides, a trampoline, blocks, legos and trikes and bikes to help them burn off energy. Molly Fantasy offers coin-operated rides and interactive games and is geared more toward the tweens and pre-teens in the family. 

There is also 9DVR Pro, which is an arcade offering VR headsets featuring 'rides' that take place entirely in the headsets. For people who have never experienced VR, it's an experience you won't soon forget. 


Drop into Game Space on Nearby Bangla Road

Nearby the Jungceylon Shopping Centre is Game Space on Bangla Road. This is a combination video game, laser tag and virtual and mixed-reality arcade that will be sure to light up the eyes of the older children with you. It offers a large room for staging laser tag battles and plenty of high-tech games to engage the older kids in the family. 

It also offers some restaurants and a spa on the premises in case the parents need to rejuvenate themselves while the kids play.


Spend a Rainy Afternoon at the Spa

It makes perfect sense that Game Space would have a spa on their premises for the parents to slip away to. Spend an afternoon pampering yourself while the sounds of thunder and rainfall outside assure you you've made the right choice of activity for the day. 

There are plenty of spas all over Patong featuring a wide range of massages, body scrubs, aromatherapy and cosmetic treatments like facials and mani-pedi treatments. These treatments will have you looking every bit as good as you feel after your afternoon of pleasure. 


Learn to Cook Thai-Style

For those intrepid visitors to Thailand who'd love to learn something about an aspect of Thai culture, why not try a Thai cooking course? Pum Thai Restaurant and Cooking School will show you the basics of how to cook food Thai-style while the rain pours down outside. 

Khun Pum has a variety of different length cooking courses that can take up most of your day, or have you learning how to prepare a Thai dish in half an hour; it's up to you. Pum's school is located just a bit down Rat-U-Thit Road from Jungceylon Shopping Centre in the middle of Patong. 


Enjoy a Muay Thai Workout

Even if you don't fancy yourself a Muay Thai Boxer, working out in the traditional Muay Thai style is a definite challenge. The workout is designed to increase your stamina and toughen you up. If you're into staying in shape, this might be something worth trying. There are several gyms around town offering Muay Thai training. 

Some of them offer introductory lessons to try it out and see if the workout is something you would find beneficial. Even if you don't stick with the exercise, it's always worth learning about another aspect of Thai culture. 

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