Ziplining in Pattaya

June 26, 2018.
Tags: Pattaya, Activities

Extreme sports and tourism have been making inroads into Thailand for many years now. There are now skateparks, wakeboarding circuits and climbing tours in cities and popular locations around Thailand. However, one of the most interesting new ideas for attractions and tourism in Thailand is the evolution of ecotourism. Thailand’s natural beauty is one of it’s biggest draws with millions of people coming to experience its breathtaking beaches and idyllic islands, tropical jungles and misty mountains. The problem has always been that tourism has brought too much destruction and degradation to the environment, but eco-tourism is one way to reverse this damage while still benefiting the local people.

Ziplining has emerged as one such way to keep people engaged with a fun new way to explore the jungle. Indeed, ziplining on its own is just fun as well, since it provides a rush of adrenaline for flying through air with only a harness attached to line. Pattaya is a spot in Thailand where you can experience ziplining and even a nature tour. Here’s a couple of suggestions for ziplining in Pattaya.

Pattaya Tarzan Extreme Park

For thrills of every kind, Pattaya Tarzan Extreme Park is one fantastic place to visit. Just south-east of Pattaya, this park has numerous platforms, which you can zipline from. There’s no extensive jungle or nature tour but for the pure joy of ziplining, Tarzan Park is an exciting proposition. You can choose between a long or a short ziplining course and the price will vary accordingly but it is competitively priced. Even though there is no real jungle tour, you still get an impressive view of the jungle from the park or on top of each respective platform.

Flight of the Gibbon

If you are looking for something that combines ziplining with a tour of the jungle then Flight of the Gibbon is for you. Flight of the Gibbon was established in 2007 and they are credited with starting the first treetop ziplining course in Thailand. For the past 10 years, they have been working extensively in ecotourism and conservation is another aspect of their work. Their ziplining adventure in Pattaya is a comprehensive experience. They have a package deal that includes a pickup and drop from either Bangkok or Pattaya. The course includes all kinds of modes aside from a regular zipline such as abseils, skybridges, double ziplines and spiral staircases, which will add variety and adventure to the whole experience.

The staff at Flight of the Gibbon is well-trained and they will ensure your safety through the entire course. The two skyrangers, the guides who will accompany the zipliners, will also point out interesting facts about the jungle and the plants and animals that are present there. The tour even goes through Khao Kheow Open Safari Park and you get to take the tram tour where you can see various animals such as monkeys, gibbons, rhinos, giraffes, elephants and so much more. You will even get the chance to feed some of these animals by hand. The other upside to enjoying a ziplining tour with Flight of the Gibbon is that they use part of the earnings to fund their conservation projects that include planting new trees, rehabilitate animals and giving underprivileged communities the chance to experience ziplining. To conclude, Flight of the Gibbon is a great way to see the natural beauty of Thailand, while helping the environment too.

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