What's New in Hua Hin?

May 04, 2017.
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Hua Hin is one of Thailand's most visited beachside cities. It has plenty to offer to visitors, from local restaurants and splendid seafood to several enthralling cultural landmarks. The city's popularity as a tourist destination is growing and with that comes the rise of several new attractions. What's new in Hua Hin? Read more to find out about the latest places you should visit on your next trip.  



Bangkok natives will recognize the latest branch of one of the city's most successful beer houses. There is now a Hua Hin branch to boot. Same concept – easy-going, atmospheric and peppered with a young crowd. The Hua Hin HOBS takes its style points up a notch with a very eye-catching beachside décor. Choose from a variety of fantastic European draughts and craft beer. 


SO Sofitel Beach Club

This is certainly where the chic and trendy Hua Hin crowd flock to. The new hotel is accompanied by the splendid beach club, which are famous for their fabulous cocktails. Designed by renowned architects, the beach club hosts some great parties as well, so look out for their events page on Facebook! 


SeenSpace Hua Hin

There's a trend of iconic Bangkok spots being replicated in Hua Hin – Seenspace is no exception. Spread across 72,000 sq M, you'll find chic, designer goods for sale just like its counterpart in the capital. Greyhound, LalaLove London and Stresis are some of the noteworthy brands you'll find here while there are also plenty of exhibitions by local talent. For a good hangout spot that's not too busy and a bit more upscale, Seenspace Hua Hin is perfect.


Big Fish (Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa)

The revamped and refurbished Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa is home to one of the town's most exciting new restaurants, Big Fish. The focus here is charcoal grilled seafood and exceptional cuts of meat. The Australian wagyu short ribs, cooked for 20 hours, is a phenomenal choice. With indoor and outdoor seating, the atmosphere is exceedingly comfortable – the view of the beach is also pleasant wherever you're seated. From the iced seafood tower to fresh oysters, prawns and mussels, this is a spot where foodies rejoice. 


Baan Dum

The name translates to "black house' and is right beside the beach. Jazz and seafood – a wonderful combination which is exactly what you get at this new restaurant. Following along from the black theme, there is plenty of squid ink (of course). The seafood is sumptuous as is the beachside view. 


1d+Day Artist

This minimal restaurant is all about aesthetics and style. The food though is much more than show – there's true substance to the traditional Thai flavors recreated here, such as Larb and Tom Yum Goong. The guys behind the restaurant continue to impress with their impeccable eye for design. 

Regent Bike Park

The Regent is a household name in the city and thanks to a recent renovation, is now home to one of the finest bike tracks in Thailand. There's one 3.5 km track and one 4.5 km track with plenty of tough bumps to navigate along the way. Owing to Thailand and Bangkok's new found love for outdoor cycling, you can expect this place to draw plenty of traffic. 


Vic Hua Hin

For art-lovers out there, Vic Hua Hin is fast becoming a cultural hub. It's a comprehensive art complex which includes theatres, a gallery, restaurants and a school. Collaborative art spaces are frequently put together for ideas to be shared – certainly worth a visit for creative types. It's particularly refreshing to find such a place in a quiet city like Hua Hin, and is something different to do!


Bluport Shopping Mall

Hua Hin is Thailand's best-loved resort town and shopping is one of the country's favorite past times. Thus, it's only right that this brand-new shopping mall made its way here. With over 1,000 brand names covering the realms of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more, it's safe to say that Bluport was designed to match up to the gargantuan shopping malls found 2 hours away in Bangkok. The nautical-inspired design and beachside aura make it thoroughly enjoyable to stroll around in, especially if you're used to Bangkok's more crowded malls.


Hua Hin is an ever-growing town and there will never be a shortage of excellent restaurants and bars to sample. If you’re looking for a holiday home in Hua Hin, Rental For The Holidays has a selection of wonderful houses and apartments for rent. Contact us today to arrange the perfect haven for your next vacation.