The Best Thai Restaurants in Hua Hin

April 20, 2017.
Tags: Leisure, Hua hin, Cuisine

Hua Hin a popular tourist destination for locals and tourists alike. With its tropical weather, wonderful beaches, cozy atmosphere and diverse activities to partake in, more and more people choose to escape to this beach town every year. While there are plenty of must-see sights and things to do in Hua Hin, a trip to a Thai beach is incomplete without savoring the local cuisine – from seafood restaurants to upscale Thai eateries, the food here is simply incredible. Read below to see which places serve up the best Thai food in town. 


Saeng Thai Seafood

If you picture the typical Thai seafood restaurant, chances are you imagine it along a pier, looking over the water. Saeng Thai Seafood is one such place and is situated right on the coastline of the Thai Gulf. It's open air with an authentic Thai design and the view is as astonishing as the food. The seafood is caught daily, the prices are reasonable and the best part is that you can have a say on how you want it to be cooked. 


Palm Seafood Pavilion 

The colonial vibe at Palm Seafood Pavilion prepares diners for the exquisite fresh seafood that awaits. Take a trip to the lush Sofitel Centara Hotel to experience one of the best restaurants in Hua Hin. We recommend making reservations, as this is an on-demand spot. Delicious seafood, wonderful decor and great service – this place showcases the best of both Thai hospitality and cuisine. 


Jim Daeng

One of the things that makes Thai seafood so exemplary is the famous seafood sauce. Green, chili, sweet with shades of garlic – it's the signature accompaniment to a seafood meal in Thailand.  Jim Daeng is famous for its exquisite sauces, which are matched only by the fresh seafood that they serve. The family-run restaurant have been around for a while and are recognized for capturing Thai flavors in the most traditional sense. The restaurant runs along the beach with panoramic views of the ocean, which makes it perfect for a romantic dinner. 


The Moon Terrace

A restaurant that is built on water, The Moon Terrace sits on a pier extending from the beach to the sea. The view of the ocean is stunning and the seating area is very cozy. From grilled and steamed fish to prawns served on the barbeque with seafood sauce, everything that you love about Thai food wil be found here. The ingredients are sourced locally as well, so you can dine knowing that everything is of the highest quality. 


You Yen Balcony

Hua Hin has a breathtaking coastline that rivals the rest of Thailand's stunning beaches. If you'd like to dine with a gorgeous view over the Gulf while enjoying some of the best Tom Yum Goong in town, this is the place to be. With a reputation as one of Hua Hin's finest restaurants, this place is high on every foodie's list. 


Raya Restaurant and Seafood

Raya Restaurant & Seafood is one of the newer places on this list but they are steadily making a name for themselves as one of the hottest places to eat in town. It looks like a Thai style house and is located right on the beach which makes the dining atmosphere superb. They craft Thai signature dishes along with Western classics. The papaya salad is phenomenal as is the rest of the seafood. They import their seafood from the pacific as well – the oysters are particularly delicious!


Madame Green Jae Kaeo

A culinary institution in Hua Hin, Madame Green Jae Kaeo has been a favorite among locals and tourists for decades. The specialities are the deep-fried sea bass, soft shell crab with garlic or the oyster omelet. 


Chao Lay Seafood

Chao Lay Seafood overlooks the Gulf of Thailand and is an open air eatery which serves up sumptuous Thai-style seafood. In classic Thai style, the restaurant includes tanks with live fish which you can pick yourself. The outdoor seating area upstairs offers a fantastic view. We highly recommend the baked scallops in garlic butter sauce, crab curry, deep-fried mackerel and of course, the Tom Yum Seafood.


Orchids Restaurant

Situated right by the Hilton Hua HIn, Orchids restaurant offers something a little different than the rest of the list. Inspired by French cuisine with a Thai touch, the selection of seafood offers a diverse taste for the palate. It's also excellent for cocktails, wine and beer which make it a great place to start your night as well.It's only open for dinner and quite busy, so make reservations. 


Let's Sea Hua Hin

Named after the resort it's situated in, Let's Sea Hua Hin is one of the most chilled-out restaurants in town. The ambience is exceptional, with wonderful red sofas atop a classically Thai wooden deck. The fusion of international and Thai flavors means that you get the freshest seafood in a variety of flavors. The soft shell crab som tam is a must-try while the rock lobster gratin is stunning. The drinks menu is superb as well as they're especially famous for their cocktails. 


Give these places a try on your next trip to Hua Hin to experience the best Thai food the seaside town has to offer. From gorgeous sea views to some of the best seafood in Thailand, Hua Hin is simply paradise for those who love a great meal.