The best alternative bars in Patong

February 02, 2018.
Tags: Patong, Phuket

When it comes to a nightlife, going for a quiet drink in a regular bar is too boring. When you could discover something amazing instead, why settle for the norm? These bars are the best alternative nightlife spots in Patong, offering something a little out of the ordinary. Now create your best Thailand memories at these bars.


Illuzion Phuket Patong

If you like to party, you shouldn't miss this club. It’s one of the best clubs in the area with top DJs spinning tunes, live dancing and music shows, and an LED and light show display which will really heighten the experience. House and EDM acts of some repute perform here, so you might be lucky enough to catch a superstar. You can even hire a VIP table, and if you don’t like one of the bars, don’t worry – there are seven more inside Illuzion to choose from.


Oatto Bar

You’ve probably had the traditional cocktails, and you might have had cocktails served up as a special house recipe. You may even have had cocktails with unique names made up to match the location you are in. But you probably haven’t ever had those cocktails served up from the inside of a VW camper van.

This is a unique bar in terms of look, and it has proven to be very popular with tourists. You can order your drink and have it served from inside the van, then sit down outside to enjoy it. The staff often allow customers to climb inside for photos, and you can also purchase a t-shirt to remind you of your visit.

Patong Beach Club

The liquid nitrogen drinks served at the Patong Beach Club are a real show-stopper, though they are a little pricey compared to other menu options. It is busy of an evening but you can stay for hours, laying claim to the white lounge sofas draped with white curtains for a seriously laidback feel. You might even forget to head back to your Patong apartments until the early morning.

Unlike other bars, this place is also really known for serving good food. It’s a great place to go when you want to relax for the night, but still enjoy something different.


Simon Cabaret

When you visit Thailand, at least once you should perhaps visit a good show. The entertainers, who are normally transgender or transvestite, put on a real show. Simon Cabaret is the best place you will find within walking distance of Patong studio apartments. The skilled dancers and singers will entertain you all night, with plenty of set changes, costume changes, and amazing choreography. Make sure you look around the room from time to time – seeing the amazed faces of the other customers makes it all even better.

Paradise Beach Club Phuket

Walk a short distance from Patong Beach and you will find the Paradise. This club is unique amongst all of the other offerings: it is based directly on the sands, it includes shops and restaurants, so you can vary the kind of night you have here, and it celebrates moon phases with fabulous beach parties. Full moon, half-moon, and so-called black moon parties take place regularly, and they are legendary in the local area.


There is a lot to enjoy in Patong, but when you take a step away from the normal activities to find something more exciting, it can be very rewarding. These bars all offer examples of something different from the mainstream, which will have you wanting to go back night after night. Try them all one after the other and decide which of them you like the best!