Pattaya: A vibrant district in Chonburi

October 27, 2016.
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Pattaya is a well-known district in Chonburi. Pattaya is a vibrant city with various types of activity.

Around the city is full with entertainments, attractions and shopping. Those who love to stay in energetic environment would love to stay in Pattaya. Pattaya is not only perfect for tourists, but also people who work at outlying district of Bangkok and Laem Chabang area.



There are several famous beach in Pattaya such as Pattaya beach, Jomtien beach and Wong Amat beach.


Pattaya beach 

Pattaya beach has the length of 4 kilometers. It is a combination of 3 beaches which are North Pattaya beach, Central Pattaya beach and South Pattaya beach. Along these beach there are walking street that always crowned from Thai and foreign tourists along with entertainments that are live all night long.


Jomtien beach

Jomtien beach is not far from South Pattaya beach with the length of 5 kilometers. It is a perfect place for sunbathe or just enjoy quieter atmosphere than Pattaya beach. At Jomtien beach is also more suitable for water activities such as jet ski, parasail and banana boat. Even though it is quite, still there are lots of shops and convenience stores along the beach.


Wong Amat beach

Wong Amat beach is located 2 kilometers to the north of North Pattaya beach. In Na Klua area, Wong Amat beach is considered as the most peaceful beach. The beach is stretching out like a crescent shape. The white sand beach of Wong Amat beach is even more scenic with a view of Koh-Lan and Sanctuary of truth. If you seek for ultimate relaxation, Wong Amat beach is ideal with private and serene atmosphere. Especially if you stay at Baan Plai Haad, a view of clam and clear water from Wong Amat beach will be first view for every morning of yours.





Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise is the most visited attraction by both tourists and locals. It is an illusion exhibition created by Korean artist. There are several themes of 3 dimensional painting for you and your family to interact and take photo. Art in paradise is perfect for those who travel with couple, family and friends.

Location: On Pattaya Sai 2, goes through Soi 1 around 20 meters and Art in Paradise is on the left-hand side.


Sanctuary of Truth 

Sanctuary of Truth is a gigantic construction located on seashore at Phra Chan Bay with the height of 105 meters. It is a famous building representing Thai architecture. The whole construction is made of wood without any metal or screw. The building itself is a modern architecture with a mixture of architecture from late Ayutthaya to early Rattanakosin. Inside of the building is displayed with wooden sculptures telling a story of eastern philosophy, mostly about religion. 

Sanctuary of Truth is a place for visitors who seek privacy and quiet side of Pattaya. This place will give a break for you to absorb the sophisticated story that telling through the architecture. Moreover you can take a ride to go around and see the whole building or if you stay at Baan Plai Haad, a beach view room can also give you a perfect picture of whole building of Sanctuary of Truth.

Location: Almost the end of Soi Na Klua 12, Pattaya Street 





Pattaya walking street

Pattaya walking street is located on the south of Pattaya. Walking street of Pattaya is a street that opens for transportation during the day and closes on the evening for the market, starting from 6:00 PM. Along the street is full with shops, restaurants and pubs for you to chill out. It is a common meeting point for everyone.

It is also convenience for transportation as the market is easily access via many routes especially if you stay at THE BASE Central Pattaya that located in central Pattaya, still only 300 meters from the beach.

Location: From Sukumvit Street, turn right to the south of Pattaya to Laem Bali Hai pier. If you stay in the city of Pattaya, 2-taew is also available to take to Pattya walking street.


Pattaya is surely a perfect place to stay both for short term and long term rentals. Especially for those who seek for energetic and lively environment. With tourist friendly type of district, it will ease your life while stay at Pattaya.

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