Monkey Business

July 09, 2017.
Tags: Pattaya

Monkey Island is a remote island off the coast of Pattaya, 30km from Jomtien Beach. It’s also known as Koh Ped, which translates to Duck Island, although there’s no ducks in sight. Instead, Koh Ling is populated by thousands of crab-eating macaques, a species of monkeys that is indigenous to Thailand and South-East Asia. The main attraction of the island is playing with and feeding the monkeys – it’s otherwise uninhabited by humans nor is there much else to do. The monkeys are the stars of the show, so learn some important travel tips for visiting of Pattaya’s hidden gems.


How to Get There

Koh Ling is just off the coast of Sattahip and is a 20-minute ride from Jomtien Beach by speedboat. There are several catamaran and yacht charters which arrange day trips to the island and if you’re part of a large group, there are great package deals that are worth looking into. Renting your own private speedboat is also an option, though this will cost much more than a catamaran. Visiting Monkey Island on a guided tour is also a fantastic option since you’ll make stops at the surrounding islands – some, such as Koh Rim, are completely untouched and have beaches that are much cleaner than Pattaya’s. Koh Rim also happens to be one of the best dive spots in the region. There are many islands near Koh Rim that offer much cleaner beaches than Pattaya along with beautiful dive spots.


The Monkeys

As you draw nearer towards the shores of Koh Ling, you’ll be greeted by hundreds of monkeys swimming over to receive your boat. They’re mainly fed by humans, so expect them to begin harassing you for food straight away. Thai Samae Monkeys are excellent swimmers and while they traditionally live on a diet of crabs, these particular macaques are used to being fed by tourists. Vegetation on the island is scarce, as you’ll discover, so prepare for your trip by bringing food for the monkeys.


What to Feed the Monkeys

Despite how playful and comfortable they are around humans, keep in mind that the monkeys are wild. They’ll eat just about anything, but the best things to give them are a variety of tropical fruits such as bananas and watermelons. Nuts are also a good choice. We suggest avoiding snacks and junk food such as sandwiches, potato chips and sweets. Be prepared to have monkeys swarm around you though – they can get quite greedy. Additionally, there aren’t any restaurants or food shops of any sort on Koh Ling. If you’re traveling independently, don’t forget to bring some food for yourself as well.


Photo Opportunities

Aside from snacks, the next thing you simply must bring to Koh Ling is a camera. The monkeys will climb up on your shoulder and play with you so there will be plenty of photo opportunities to show off back home. If you’re traveling with children, they will adore having their picture taken with the monkeys. Views from the beach are also splendid. The beaches and water are quite clean compared to the ones in Pattaya. Try not to miss taking a picture of the monkeys swimming towards you in the water!



While the main attraction is here undoubtedly the monkeys, Koh Ped is also a beautiful diving and snorkeling site. The best spots are further out from the coast but they’re plenty of marine life such as lionfish and moray eels. If you decide to go on a guided tour, they’ll also make stops at the other dive spots in the area such as Koh Rim.


A Little History

The Samae Monkey population on Koh Ling has grown exponentially over the past decade since tourists visit the island exclusively to feed and visit the monkeys. In 2010, the Royal Thai Navy had to intervene and provide food aid to avoid a mass starvation during the off-season. They continue this practice today, since the island isn’t visited as much between May and November.



The monkeys are very playful and friendly but beware that they are still wild animals and caution should be taken, particularly if you have children with you. They can get aggressive and bunch up around vying for food, so please make sure you bring enough fruits and snacks to feed the monkeys. If you have a vacation to Pattaya on the agenda, Monkey Island is one of several places that you ought to visit. Choose to stay with Rental for the Holidays in Pattaya, where you’ll find a splendid portfolio of luxury condominiums and apartments to rent for your vacation. Whether you’re travelling alone or with your family, our team will assist you in finding the perfect holiday home to call your own here in Pattaya.