Mai Khao Beach: Unseen Beach in Phuket

August 02, 2016.
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Mai Khao beach is located on the Northwest of Phuket with only 15 minutes from Phuket International airport. The beach has the length of 10 kilometers which considered as the longest beach in Phuket. However the beach is perfect for chilling out rather than swimming according to strong waves.


Mai Khao beach has been less invaded than any other beaches and remained to its true natural beauty. For those who love privacy and look for quite beach, Mai Khao beach is definitely your choice to visit. Also, it is another beautiful viewpoint to see the sunset.


Beside its beauty and privacy, Mai Khao beach has an activity that you could enjoy with your family, an activity that even locals are exciting for.


Mai Khao beach shares the same fence with Phuket International Airport, making it possible for you to closely watch airplane take-off and landing on the beach. The best shot is during landing as the airplane will fly very close to the beach, making you feel like you could touch it. Spending your time watching airplane landing with your family is another memorable and exciting experience that you could find in Phuket.



• Check flight schedule before going to the beach if your aim is only for watching the landing

• Check wind direction since the supporting wind will only allow you to watch airplane take-off while resisting wind will allow landing which is more exciting

• Be careful of your light weight belonging as it will be carried away by wind from airplane.


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