Explore the Different Areas and Neighbourhoods of Bangkok

December 17, 2018.
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Bangkok is not just one city. It's a collection of many different neighbourhoods and areas that have their own charms and personalities. Explore the areas of Ari, Bangrak, Chinatown, Thong Lor, and Thonburi on foot in the winter months when temperatures are lower and walking is a fun way to get to know an area.

Ari is Quickly Becoming the Place to Go for Good Restaurants

For some unexplained reason, Ari is becoming a mecca for eclectic and great restaurants. Perhaps it’s the slightly bohemian and cosmopolitan atmosphere that’s the attraction.

Whatever the reason, Ari is becoming known for the variety and depth of its restaurant scene. You’ll find a wide range of restaurants from charming coffee shops offering fresh roasted coffee and pastries to expensive fine-dining establishments.


BangRak is Worth a Visit for its Food and Nightlife

Bangrak is also a neighbourhood that’s becoming known for the variety of both Thai and International food it offers, and the nightlife is spectacular to for those exploring the community after dark.

Silom Soi 4 is party central for Bangkok’s gay community, with riotous cabaret shows on offer at a number of nightclubs, but for those looking for a little less colour and glamour Lumpini Park is also within the neighbourhood.

Lumpini Park is where you can get away from the noise and bright lights of Bangkok and simply stroll around the grounds looking at the abundant bird and wildlife that call the park their home.You might also happen upon a group of people practicing Tai Chi or an art exhibit by local artists. There is always something interesting happening in the park.

Chinatown is the Place to Find Everything You Ever Want

Chinatown is a wonderful community to explore on foot as you will soon find yourself ducking into all the numerous and eclectic shops you’ll find in this vibrant and colourful part of the city.

Textiles, hardware, tools, materials, musical instruments, spices, antiques and electronics can all be found within the borders of Chinatown, along with a good selection of Thai and Chinese food.

Bangkok’s Chinatown is the heart of the longstanding Thai-Chinese culture that arose when Chinese merchants became a part of Thailand’s development beginning in the 13th century. It has grown to be one of the top ten, largest Chinatowns in the entire world.

It’s a marvellous place to find just the thing you didn’t know you needed until you visited Chinatown.

Visit Thonglor to See the Trendiest Area of Bangkok

The proliferation of luxury and condos apartments and up and coming hot developments combined with a wide variety of upscale restaurants and food markets have made the Thonglor area of Bangkok one of the hippest and trendiest areas of the city.

With its own BTS stop which deposits you at the beginning of the street, taking a walk down Thonglor will reveal a ton of upscale eateries, bars and markets. The eclectic and bohemian cafes and restaurants have established a foothold as well, providing an exciting mix of places in which to see and be seen.

Visit Thonburi for a Glimpse of the Old Bangkok Way of Life

Once upon a time, Bangkok was referred to as the “Venice of the East” because of all the canals it featured. This charming feature created a different style and pace of life that is long gone as Bangkok has embraced the modern age.

But you can still get a glimpse of that lifestyle by roaming the canals of Thonburi by boat. Thonburi, which is on the southern side of the Chao Phrya River, includes Wat Arun, or Temple of the Dawn. It also is home to the Royal Barges Museum where you can look at some of the magnificent barges of the past that the Royal Family used to navigate the waters of Bangkok.

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