Things to Do in Phuket

March 21, 2017.
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Traveling to a magical place like Phuket can be difficult to plan. After a much-awaited holiday, a hectic journey and some down time, it’s tempting to just stay in the comfort of your rented house or holiday home and relax. While you should certainly do that too, there are some incredible things for you to venture out and do in Phuket. Let’s start with the beaches. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a wide variety of beaches on every side of the island. From the wonderful landscapes of Phang Nga Bay and Koh Phi Phi, natural beauty is at its finest here. Besides the stunning beachside life, Phuket has so much more to offer. Here’s a list to give you more impetus to come to Phuket.


Pha Nga Bay

If you want unforgettable memories of your holiday, the incredible natural beauty of Pha Nga bay is a sight to behold. The limestone formations, gorgeous water and caves are unlike anything you’ll see in Phuket. Take a cruise there, ride a canoe or even kayak through the enclosed lagoons – it’s worth a day-trip itself.


Similan Islands

The striking waters of the Similan Islands are some of the finest in Thailand – given the splendor of the Andaman Sea, that’s saying something. Whether you’re in Phuket for a month or a couple of weeks, you should make the trip to these islands. From snorkeling, diving, rock climbing to having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world almost all to yourself, this is what paradise is really like. The journey is long, so be prepared to spend at least a day here. One thing’s for sure – you will leave with some spectacular photographs. We recommend heading to the rock formations and capturing a snapshot of the bays from above.


Phi Phi Islands

Everyone knows the Phi Phi Islands since Leonardo DiCaprio starred in The Beach. During the day, it’s quiet and tranquil but Phi Phi explodes to life at night. From live bands, fire shows, Muay Thai performances to the busy main streets, there are certainly more things to do on Phi Phi. Younger travelers will love the bustling night life, full moon parties and beach-front bars. There are also plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants to explore. The beaches and bays are just as beautiful as the Similan Islands.


Phuket Fantasea

Head to Kamala Beach to see the popular live performances at Phuket Fantasea. Open for almost twenty years, tourists from all around the world come to admire the myriad of performances here. A great place to take the children, who’ll love the fun fairs and prize games. The beautiful part about Phuket Fantasea is that it’s build in the style of Thai myths and legends. You won’t find many other places with all the activities of an amusement park along with the rich Thai heritage on display.


Bangla Road

The heart of Phuket’s nightlife lies in Bangla Road, Patong Beach. From the Tiger Complex, Ping Pong Show to the plethora of bars, it’s simply a must-see when you’re in Phuket. Soi Bangla is not the rip-off most people think it is– there’s a friendly, welcoming vibe here where people all over the world gather while they’re on holiday. Whether you’re looking for a place to grab a drink or get a traditional massage, the road itself is worth exploring.

Karon View Point

The most popular viewpoint in Phuket by far, the vistas from here looks over the Andaman Sea and the other three beaches of the island’s west coast. The perfect place to get some stunning photographs of the white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea.


Phuket Town

For those that’d like to experience something with a local touch, Phuket Town is the place to go. The old style Portuguese houses and streets are distinct, unlike any other in Thailand. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes with an authentic Thai and Sino-Portugese feel. If you want to experience how locals drink, eat and leisure, then head to Phuket Town.

Definitely, for those whose like shopping and experience Phuket's old town found The BASE Uptown is quite convenient. Located not too far from Central Festival Phuket, the big shopping mall and easy accesses to check out the area of Sino-Portugese buildings. 


Khao Rang Hill

Restaurants don’t get more scenic than in Khao Rang Hill. For a relaxing lunch or dinner with a stunning hillside view, it’s worth the trip. Tunk Ka Café, Phuket View Restaurant and Kao Rang Breeze are the most popular. Unwind with some fruit shakes, cocktails and enjoy the splendid view.


Wat Chalong

This fascinating temple is one of the most visited sites in Phuket. The vast pagodas and infinite statues are beautifully decorated and have a rich history. Thailand is famous for its temples and Wat Chalong is one you simply must visit when you’re in Phuket.


Simon Cabaret Show

A stunning display of originality, this extravagant entertainment venue is home to Thailand’s best cabaret performers. From musicals to classical dance, the fun at Simon Cabaret Show is not to be missed. The majority of actors are men who moonlight as female performers – the effort, entertainment value and choreography make this one of Phuket’s best attractions.


Muay Thai

A trip to Thailand is rarely complete without witnessing a Muay Thai fight. The supreme discipline involved in Muay Thai and its standing as a world-respected martial art make it on most travelers to-do-lists. In Patong Beach, there are fights almost every night from, with both international and local participants. You’ll certainly feel the rush of adrenaline when you’re in the stadium. Get in on the betting action with the locals as well!


Astonishing beaches. Gorgeous temples. Striking views. Phuket has it all. At Rental For the Holidays, you’ll have a home to call your own for your journey while you go out and explore all the wonderful sights to see.