The Best of Hua Hin’s Open-air Markets

November 20, 2019.
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With the arrival of November, the high season is upon us. The season brings cooler temperatures and less humidity in the air. This makes it the perfect time to put on your most comfortable pair of walking shoes and get out and explore the many markets of Hua Hin.
Hua Hin isn’t a large town, but the variety and sheer number of markets make it a great walking town in which to get out and see what they all have to offer. Some of the markets are close enough to walk from one to the other, but with some of them, you will probably want to take a local songtaew as transport. These are the ubiquitous converted pick-up trucks you’ll see all over Hua Hin that serve as the town’s buses.
Just be sure and take a backpack or carryall to hold all the day’s treasures you’ll find as well as plenty of sunscreen and water. 

Chat Chai Market

Visitors to Hua Hin who love to get up and out in the morning should head for the Chat Chai Market. Located on Highway 4 (Thanon Phetkasem), the market is housed in a quaint Victorian-style building that echoes the style and feel of Mrigadayavan Palace of Rama VI.
Inside the large, diverse market, you'll find every type of Thai food and ingredient. Hua Hin is also known for its seafood, and you'll find the bounty of the Gulf of Thailand on display and for sale.
There is a section of the market that features dried foodstuffs. If you've never seen the wide variety of dried foods, spices and herbs of Thailand, you'll be fascinated by everything on offer. Wander among the busy aisles where local Thais and restaurant owners come to do their daily shopping. Stop by a fruit vendor to pick up a variety of fresh fruit to enjoy for breakfast. 

Hua Hin Grand Night Market

The Grand Night Market offers a good way to soak up a little of the local lifestyle and colour. The locals favour it for the mass market consumer goods it offers. You'll find great bargains on T-shirts, sneakers, jeans, ladies shoes, and loads of fashion accessories. It also offers a wide and colourful variety of food vendors, fresh fruit stands and foot massage stalls.
The market is divided up into two sections. The consumer goods and food vendors occupy the front half of the market. But, venture farther into the market, and you'll discover more of a hip and artistic section toward the rear. This is the place to head for handmade arts and crafts, and eclectic shops offering lots of strange, quaint and unusual curios for sale.
It’s also home to a number of street food stalls offering Thai foods, as well as Asian steaks and other delicacies, with a few bars in the mix. 

Soi 112 Floating Market

A trip to Hua Hin Floating Market on Soi 112 is a pleasant outing for the whole family. The market surrounds a man-made lake which contains boats offering all kinds of food and handi-crafts. The market's buildings are constructed in a retro, 1920's style that lends a genteel air to the whole market.
Walk around the lake on the shaded wooden walkway, or take a boat tour of the market. Goods on offer include everything from handmade handicrafts to 'OTOP' village products to plenty of snacks and beverages to enjoy. There are also daily colourful, cultural shows that are sure to delight the family and keep you entertained while you meander through the market, eating a tasty snack.

Cicada Market

This is one of the most popular markets in town with both tourists and locals. Set in a large park-like area with walkways winding through it, the Cicada Market features musical, drama and dance acts as well as art exhibits, handicrafts, clothes and, of course, plenty of food.
Open on Fridays, Saturdays from 4 PM to 11 PM, and Sundays from 4 PM to 10 PM; this market features something for everyone. From hand-blown glass figurines to custom t-shirts to contemporary plays and musical acts, you will always seem to find something to grab your attention at the Cicada Market.
This is the perfect place to enjoy the cool evening breeze blowing in off the Gulf of Thailand. Meander along the walkways sipping a cold drink while being entertained by all the artistic things you see, then take a break to enjoy some of the famous seafood dishes of Hua Hin.

Walking Street

Hua Hin’s Walking Street is perhaps the newest addition to Hua Hin’s tourist attractions. Located surrounding a canal that used to be the floating Market in Hua Hin, this is the place to go if you don’t know what you want to eat for dinner. Walking Street’s features over 200 restaurants that will provide you with plenty of choices.
It features nightly entertainment as well with movies screened outdoors, ‘mermaid’ performances and live music featuring popular Thai acts.
Walking Street also is home to a variety of shops featuring products from 14 southern provinces as well as antiques and eclectic curios. The canal atmosphere provides a romantic backdrop to a dinner under the stars. 

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