Discover the Old and New Sam Yan Area of Bangkok

October 08, 2019.
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The Sam Yan neighbourhood of Bangkok is another area of the city with small food shops and local businesses, convenience stores and other neighbourhood necessities. It serves both residents and Chulalongkorn University students who flock to the neighbourhood to eat at the many small, cheap and tasty restaurants.
But the Sam Yan Mitrtown project is aiming to transform this quiet neighbourhood into a vital educational resource for the entire city of Bangkok.
Chulalongkorn University has teamed up with private investors to launch Sam Yan Mitrtown near Chamchuri square. This development will offer a retail zone of six floors, a hotel and condominium units. But it’s the focus on education that truly sets this development apart from every other development in the city.
It’s all due to the presence and influence of nearby Chulalongkorn University (CU). This well-respected university has come up with the “CU2040 Masterplan,” of which Sam Yan Mitrtown is a major part. CU owns most of the property in and around the Sam Yan area. This makes it the most logical location to create a hub of knowledge and innovation. 

CU2040 Masterplan Promises an Innovative Revolution

In the CU2040 Masterplan, CU is planning to transform the university’s educational programmes into a multidisciplinary curriculum. They want to encourage more of a symbiotic relationship with innovative technological companies, educators and visiting lecturers. This relationship will better prepare the students of Thailand to embark on a career path in technology.
The masterplan promises sweeping changes to the campus of CU as well as the surrounding area. Seven buildings will be constructed on campus offering co-working spaces, medical and economic centres, a student union, and a “digital commons” to provide knowledge resources about all aspects of technology. 

Sam Yan Mitrtown Provides Connections with the Community

On the face of it, Sam Yan Mitrtown will resemble a shopping mall in structure. But look closer, and you'll find a wealth of resources and features designed to provide the local community with knowledge about the arts, technology, food science and economics. It will house a vast library of research materials. It will also house auditoriums and lecture halls available to lecturers both local and international.
A large part of the development will consist of the Smart Mitr Co-learning Space. This is a "new learning area" that promises to provide a platform for people to develop their life and career skills and share new and promising ideas.
This new construction of the CU campus and the Sam Yan area will mean greater opportunities for student education with real-world input from existing technology businesses. It will also serve as a natural recruiting focus for startups and technology companies looking for new talent. 

Old Sam Yan Neighbourhood

For now, the old Sam Yan area still exists. Walking its peaceful streets, you’ll still smell the delicious aromas of piping hot noodle and traditional rice dishes. You should make a point of trying as many of these old-style restaurants as possible while they are still around.
The neighbourhood is known as one of the most popular areas for Pad Thai. It's also known for the low prices charged by the restaurants to attract students on a budget to their delicious offerings. 

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