Enjoy a Fun Splash with Your Kids in Hua Hin

March 18, 2019.
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With Vana Nava Water Jungle and Black Mountain Water Park and Wake Park, Hua Hin is the place to head this April as the temperatures soar and the kids are home from school and on their summer holidays.


Hua Hin is not just known for their beaches and wonderful seafood, their attractions come in freshwater varieties as well as the kilometres of beaches that line Hua Hin’s shores.


Three of the attractions your kids will love are the two water parks and the wake park in Hua Hin. These popular attractions promise and deliver an entire day of fun in the sun, water and fresh air of this peaceful, seaside resort town just a 2-hour drive from Bangkok.

Vana Nava Water Jungle

This water jungle is located fairly close to the Cicada Market in central Hua Hin. They have taken a large vacant lot of over 30,000 square-meters and transformed it into an enchanting, state of the art, water jungle in which plants and trees from all over Thailand have been meticulously re-planted. Among all this tropical, jungle foliage you’ll find enough rides and slides to keep your kids busy and enthralled throughout the day.

It also features the world’s largest waterslide, called the Abyss™, as well as Thailand’s longest waterslide called the Boomerang™. The Aquacourse™ is an obstacle course of ropes and water guns designed for parties and competitions.


Parents will appreciate their wide range of dining options along with a massage pavilion where they can receive a massage while the kids play in the water all under the professional watch of trained lifeguards throughout the park.


Van Nava Water Jungle is proud of the ecological awareness they bring to the concept of a water jungle and they have designed an ecosystem that’s designed for maximum fun for people of all ages.

Black Mountain Water Park

This water park is located just a 15-minute drive from central Hua Hin. It occupies over 40,000 square meters of land and has a wave pool which creates the largest waves of any water park in Thailand with waves reaching 2-metres in height.


It also has a lazy river which visitors can ride a tube along as well as a beach and infinity pool and a separate children’s pool.


The centrepiece of the park is a 17-metre high tower that contains 9 different water slides. The slides are all named after colours and feature everything from a gentle ride for young kids to the Blue snake which features heart-stopping drops and turns in complete darkness before ejecting riders back out into the sunlight.


The park features a restaurant facility that offers a menu of both Thai and western foods along with numerous smack and ice cream kiosks around the park. There is even a pool bar where parents can relax in the water with their favourite drink.


All the staff have undergone extensive lifeguard training and CPR and they regularly complete physical fitness test to ensure their readiness throughout their employment.



Black Mountain Wake Park

For your older kids, why not give them a thrill by introducing them to a wake park located right near Black Mountain Water Park.

They can try water-skiing, wake-boarding or knee-boarding for hours until they’re exhausted but happy.


Black Mountain Wake Park has everything for they need in the way of equipment to get behind the tow ropes connected to the 800-metre cable and get the rush of their lives learning to perfect their water-skiing and wake-boarding moves at 30 kilometres an hour.


This facility is open to both beginners and professional riders and all the instructors are thoroughly trained in both instruction, first aid and rescue.


They charge by the length of time you want to spend at it and the fee includes entry-level equipment including a wakeboard, knee-board or water skis, a life jacket and a helmet.

Treat your kids to a long weekend or a long-term stay in Hua Hin where they can visit the water attractions to their heart’s content.Rental for the Holidays has plenty of quality accommodations all over of the town of Hua Hin. Make it your next holiday destination these coming summer months.