Explore the Natural Wonders of Northern Phuket

July 17, 2019.
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Phuket is known for its scenic beaches, its seafood, and its nightlife. But most visitors spend all their time in the easily accessible southern part of the island.
This is mainly where all the resorts, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and tourist attractions are located. But for visitors who are more adventurous in their travels, the northern, less accessible end of the island offers some attractions as well. 

These attractions are mostly in the form of wilderness, waterfalls, Mangrove forests, surfing spots and stretches of beaches where your footprints may be the only sign of civilisation. But there are some water sports to be had as well. 

The time to visit these areas is now. The unrelenting growth in tourism means that these natural wonders and attractions may soon be overrun with tourists and development. In the years to come, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you explored the area as it once was?

Sirinath National Park

Sirinath National Park has grown to encompass an area of 90 square kilometres on the northernmost tip of the island. The park was originally established to provide a protected breeding ground for endangered sea turtles, and it has since been expanded to the size it is today by including the Nai Yang National Park in its boundaries. 

The park features sea pine forests, practically endless stretches of clean, white sand beaches, Mangrove forests and, offshore, numerous colourful coral reefs that offer hours of excellent snorkelling. 

There is an elevated walkway through the Mangrove forests from which you might glimpse some of the wildlife that calls the park their home.


Offshore Reef at Nai Yang Beach

Avid surfers should head to Nai Yang Beach just south of the airport. Some ways offshore there is a reef that provides wonderful surfing opportunities at certain times of the year, mainly in the monsoon season. 

If you want to surf this break, you had better be in shape, because it's a lengthy paddle out to the reef and no lifeguards on duty to come to rescue you if you get into trouble. But the beach itself offers tropical beauty and often, the sense that you have the entire beach to yourself.


Waterfalls of Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

The other large national park on Phuket features waterfalls and jungle hiking paths. You can explore it on a day trip. This is another area that only offers its attractions at certain times of the year so, to avoid disappointment, you should check on the conditions before visiting the park if you want to see the waterfalls in all their glory. 

The park features two waterfalls, Ton Sai falls, and Bang Pae falls. Ton Sai falls is close to the parking area, but its smaller than Bang Pae falls which demands a fifteen-minute hike to reach.

Splash Water Park Will Appease Your Kids

If your kids are getting bored with too much beautiful scenery and not enough excitement, they’re in luck. Splash Water Park is in the northern part of the island as well, just above the airport. 

After a morning of viewing the sights of the national parks, treat them to an afternoon at the largest water park on the island. Parents can watch them frolic from the convenient restaurant on the grounds or join in the fun. There are lots of rides that offer plenty of excitement for adults.

See the Northern Coast from the Water

Phuket Sail Tours is a company located in the Royal Phuket Marina on the east coast of the island, which puts them in the perfect location to offer a day sail along the northern coast of Phuket. 

They feature day sailing trips that include snorkelling as well as sailing. They offer a range of boat sizes all the way up to their junk-rigged schooner. The prices for a day of sailing along the coast start at 1,500 baht. 


Rentals for the Holidays offers accommodations all over the island of Phuket. If you’d much rather explore the wilderness of northern Phuket than the nightlife on the southern part of the island, Rentals for the Holidays has the clean and spacious accommodations for you. You can be within easy reach of the national parks and attractions of northern Phuket.