Explore the Different and Fun Areas of Bangkok - Part 2

July 17, 2019.
Tags: Bangkok

Bangkok is known as a cosmopolitan city consisting of many neighbourhoods that have a distinct character all their own. They range from entertainment to business areas, residential neighbourhoods to areas known for their chic and eclectic shops and cafes. 

Exploring the various neighbourhoods is just one of the things that makes visiting this colourful city so exciting, and it can fill up your days with the joy of discovery. 

Here are five more neighbourhoods that offer something different than you may have seen before on your last visit to Bangkok.


The New Society of On Nut

On Nut is quickly being touted as the heart of a 'new society' in Bangkok. This mainly residential area is undergoing a transformation that is palpable just walking the streets of the area. The area boasts a community vibe of cafes and restaurants that serve the trendy residents of the many high and low-rise condos in the area. 

With the establishment of, and soon-to-be expanding, True Digital Park, On Nut is poised to represent a stronghold of the tech industry in Bangkok. This industry will undoubtedly add to the diversity of its residents and bring with it a whole new range of shops, lifestyle establishments, cafés, and restaurants to serve the people working in the area. 


The Entertainment and Lifestyle Areas of New Petchaburi

New Petchaburi Road refers to the eastern end of the road between Asoke and Ekkamai. Once mainly a light industrial area, more and more condos are springing up because of its close proximity to Sukhumvit Road, and with them come more shops, restaurants, and cafes catering to the mainly business people who take up residence in the new condos. 

The area is also home to the bright lights and thumping music of Royal City Avenue, known to the city’s residents as RCA. This avenue off Petchaburi Road is a mecca for the young and trendy partygoers of Bangkok with its dance clubs and nightspots. 

As there are still large vacant areas around the neighbourhood, you can expect new developments to take hold and add a new level of vitality to the area.


Phaholyothin is a Major Transport and Leisure Hub

The Phaholyothin area is both a major transportation hub for the city's many commuters and the home of Chatuchak Market and three major parks near the market: Chatuchak Park, Queen Sirikit Park, and Wachirabenchatat Park. 

The market and the parks provide the draw for thousands of tourists and residents who descend on the area on the weekends to shop for bargains and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the old, well-developed and spacious parks. 

Within the parks, you’ll also find the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium as well as the Children’s Discovery Museum, making this a perfect destination for the whole family. 


Take a Boat Ride Up San Saep Canal

Bangkok was once known as the 'Venice of the East' for its many canals or 'klongs’ that criss-crossed the city and served as convenient avenues for travelling and shipping goods from one area of the city to another. 

At the northern of one of the remaining canals in the city, the San Saep canal, you’ll find the Khwan Riam Floating Market.  

Opened in 2012, this floating market offers a range of traditional foods like boat noodles, Isan delicacies, and Thai desserts. It also provides glimpses into what life was like for the farmers in this once-rural area with a rice farmer and water buffalo available for photographs. 


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