Explore the East Side of Phuket to Get Away from the Crowds

June 14, 2019.
Tags: Phuket

It seems like every article you read about Phuket talks about topics on the west side of Phuket and the towns of Patong, Karon, Kamala and the Laguna Resort complex.


Phuket Town gets mentioned on occasion, but the world's travel writers all seem to be obsessed with the 'Gold Coast' of Phuket. Of course, the sun does set on the west side, and this is the side of the island that has the most nightlife, courtesy of Patong Beach.


But there are plenty of beaches that are just as spectacular on the east and south side of the island as well. And some sites that are worth a visit, just to see something different. Something that shows you another side of Phuket, a more peaceful side of the island.


Renting a car, or at least a motorbike is a must. However, no tuk-tuks or taxis are waiting around to whisk you back to your hotel. This is a strictly BYOT (bring your own transportation) side of the island, but that makes getting away from the crowds all that much more easy to do.


We've picked out some places on the east and south sides of the island that may just provide you with the peace and tranquillity that you've been searching for. Here are five locations on the 'unpopular' side of the island that are well worth a visit.

Nai Harn Beach

This beach is on the southernmost part of the island almost at the end of route 4030 on a map. Even on a weekend in the middle of the high season, the beach is mostly populated with Phuket residents.


The sheltered cove of a beach is long and wide, with plenty of room to offer sunbathers and swimmers a degree of distance from each other. It even offers excellent snorkelling on coral reefs in shallow water at the northern end of the beach.


It also has a few restaurants at the north end of the beach as well, and even a couple of ATMs if you get there and find you're running low on cash.

Phuket Aquarium

The Phuket Aquarium is a worthwhile destination if you have kids. It's kid-friendly with a lot of exhibits oriented to the younger members of the family. It has exhibits of different eco-systems including freshwater rivers of Thailand.


Their marine ecosystem features a plexiglass tunnel you can walk through surrounded by fish, moray eels, sea turtles, sharks and rays.  


Panwa Beach

This may be the quietest beach in Phuket. It's the perfect place to practice yoga or meditate while looking out upon Pha Nga Bay.


The beach is out on the opposite side of the peninsula from Phuket Aquarium and is an utterly beautiful and romantic place to have a picnic or simply walk along the beach.

Laem Panwa Viewpoint

Also known as Khao Khad Viewpoint, this spot is out on the same peninsula as the aquarium and Panwa Beach. The viewpoint is a structure on the crest of the tallest hill on the peninsula.

The structure affords a stunning panoramic view of a good portion of Phuket, and on some days you can see Pha Nga Bay as well.


The walk up to the viewpoint from the carpark involves the negotiation of some two hundred steps, so keep that in mind, but the effort rewarded by the view.


Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

North of Phuket Town off of route 4027 on the east side of the island, is The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. This worthy project is located in the rainforest near the Bang Pae Waterfall.


The staff and veterinarians of the project rescue and care for gibbons who were once pets or in abandoned zoos and reintroduce them to the jungle in preparation for releasing them in the wild. Sadly some of the gibbons are too acclimatised to people, and cannot be released. Still, they can live out their lives in as close to their natural habitat as possible, while always being cared for.


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