7 Best Restaurants in Patong

February 21, 2019.
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They say that the mark of a good restaurant is the size of the crowd. But when you’re in a tourist town and all the people around you are tourists as well, how do you know if a crowded restaurant is really really preparing authentic Thai food or just something that caters to foreigners?

It’s always been a dilemma wherever tourists travel and where local restaurants compete for the tourist dollar.

But here are 7 delicious restaurants located in Patong where you are just as likely to see local Thais at the next table as foreigners. These restaurants are known throughout the local community for preparing some of the very best Thai food to be found in Patong.

They run the gamut from upscale, elegant restaurants to little more than food stalls. But they’ve all earned the respect of the local community for providing some of the tastiest Thai food in town.

Sam Chor Restaurant

Sam Chor Restaurant is located behind the Patong Police Station and the locals often refer to it by its slogan “Delicious 24 hours”. It’s not much to look at. But looks are definitely deceiving at Sam Chor.

They offer a large selection of Thai cuisine favourites that includes regional favourites like Isaan food like spicy pork soup and Somtam. Diners sit in a casual open-air setting. This restaurant specialises in Thai breakfasts like omelettes stuffed with spicy minced pork and the rice porridge with condiments that is referred to as ‘Jok’.

Aroonsom Patong Food Park

This isn’t a one restaurant but a collection of restaurants located on Rat-U-Thit Road opposite Siam Commercial Bank in Patong.

The restaurants all face an inner seating courtyard that is frequently filled to capacity at lunch and dinner time. Two of the most popular restaurants are Kusuma Halal Restaurant and 89 Seafood. This is the place tourists and locals alike flock to for fresh seafood dishes prepared ‘Thai-style’.  

It’s a lively atmosphere accompanied by some of the best seafood to be found in Patong.

Briley Restaurant

When you’ve perfected a simple dish, crowds will line up to get it. That’s what you’ll find at Briley Restaurant, where they’ve perfected the deceivingly simple dish of Khao Man Kai, or chicken and rice.

Served with a spicy sauce of their own recipe, the dish features tender and succulent, perfectly cooked chicken with rice cooked in chicken broth and accompanied by sliced cucumbers and a cup of chicken broth with spring onions.

Locals and foreigners have fallen in love with the Khao Man Kai served at Briley Restaurant. You will too, once you’ve tried it.

No. 9 Restaurant

This simple, unassuming restaurant with a small, storefront dining area, is the place in town to go when you want to try the rich and silky flavour of Penang curry. But, that’s just one item on their extensive menu of both Thai and international foods. Everyone will find something tasty at this restaurant that has some extremely talented chefs in the kitchen.

But, if you’re hungry, you should make sure beat the rush and arrive well before 6 PM, or you just might have to wait to get a table, it’s that popular.

Sea Hag Restaurant

One of the favourite restaurants of the Patong gay community, the Sea Hag Restaurant is welcoming and friendly to everyone who wants to try their outstanding Thai cuisine.

Their seafood specialties are among the local’s favourites, with huge and meaty tigers prawns accompanied by a variety of dipping sauces and steamed lemon fish and rice.

This is not only some of the best seafood in Patong, but the restaurant provides a fun and lively atmosphere as well.

Klaab Gluay Restaurant

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Patong as well as being one of the most authentic. Located on Phrabarami Road in North Patong, this venerable restaurant is known for the level of care and authenticity they put into the preparation of all their Thai dishes. With a mainly seafood menu, you won’t believe you’re eating this well for the affordable prices they charge.  

Thoroughly renovated in 2013, Klaab Gluay offers a lively atmosphere where serious local diners don’t arrive until after 8 PM. But you should get there early in order to have a look through their menu and order your favourites before the nightly crowds descend.

Pan Yaah Restaurant

This restaurant offers one of the most charming, romantic and picturesque dining experiences in Patong. The restaurant is decorated completely in dark wood and features a panoramic view of Patong Bay from the veranda, which enjoys soft breezes off the ocean.

This is a restaurant for people who want to enjoy fresh seafood, carefully and authentically prepared in the Thai-style of cooking, and simply enjoy the unhurried atmosphere with their favourite companion.

The restaurant is located about a kilometre north of Patong along the road leading to Kamala Beach. Reservations are recommended as this restaurant is extremely popular with visitors and locals alike and it fills up fast.

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