The Top 5 Popular Nightlife Attractions in Patong

January 21, 2019.
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5 Top Nightlife Attractions in Patong

Patong has become famous, or infamous for its nightlife, depending on how you look at it. But nevertheless, the town is ground zero for some of the most vibrant and colourful nightlife on the island of Phuket.

But apart from the many bars lining Bangla Road (the heart of the action), there are a few other attractions that are memorable as much for their outrageousness as for the ‘only in Thailand’ experiences they offer.

Make no mistake about it, the Thais approach nightlife as a ‘winner take all’ proposition. They have the brightest lights, the loudest music and the most outrageous characters and entertainment.

But there is a certain charm in realising that Thais take this all in their stride. They have a decidedly tongue-in-cheek sense of humour that makes all the colour, glitz, glamour and outrageousness just a normal part of the fun of their daily lives.


Simon Cabaret

Simon Cabaret has become one of the most venerated and celebrated institutions of Patong’s nightlife scene and they don’t look like they’re ready to relinquish their tiara anytime soon. The sheer technical level of the production that they stage day in and day out, could put Las Vegas stage directors to shame.

This Cabaret has been part of the city’s nightlife scene since 1991. The show is completely family-friendly, so feel free to bring your kids. The show consists of well-choreographed and well-staged singing and dance numbers that will keep everyone entertained. The costumes are vivid and colourful and the hour-long performance flies by in a heartbeat, leaving you wanting an encore.

The cabaret offers three shows daily at 6 PM, 7:30 PM and 9 PM. The theatre is located on the edge of town along route 4233, the road leading to Karon.


Bangla Boxing Stadium

Bangla Boxing Stadium, despite it name, is not located on Bangla Road, but behind and next to Jungceylon shopping mall. It’s the major venue in town to watch genuine Muay Thai Boxing matches.

These matches can be either brutal or artistic to witness and the shouting and cheering from the spectators and the Thai folk music all add considerably to make this truly an experience to remember. Muay Thai is part of the Thai culture. It has traditions and rituals all its own and a night of Muay Thai Boxing is something that everyone should experience when they’re in Thailand.

Ringside seats offer the best view of all the action and the stadium operates every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday starting from 9 PM.


The Seduction Complex

The Seduction Complex is the unquestionable big daddy of all the nightspots in town. Located right on Soi Bangla, the complex has 5 huge venues that together hold up to 3,000 partying patrons. The complex is set on four different levels and each level has a different atmosphere and plays different music with local and international DJs taking the stage.

The complex is in operation from 7 PM until 4 AM and offers safe, trendy and clean venues of quality entertainment, drinks and food in the heart of Patong. The venues all have excellent lighting and sound equipment and they are all well-managed.


Paradise Beach Club

Paradise Beach Club consists of an area on Paradise Beach, which is a beach just outside of Patong. The beach is secluded and features three trendy restaurants serving Chinese, Italian and Thai food. It also features a walking street market on some night. There is a smaller beach right near the main one that can be reserved for a private party and has its own private bar.

But the main draw of the beach to revellers are the full-moon parties ala Koh Phangan, half-moon parties and black-moon parties that are held on a regular basis. Basically, just about every night is party night at Paradise Beach. On party nights, expect lots of colourful cocktails and drinks, fire shows, a beach barbecue, DJs spinning their sets and safe and fun time for all.

There is a shuttle bus that offers transport out to the beach and back from the Jungceylon Shopping Mall and other stops around Patong.    


Tiger Complex

Smack dab in the middle of Bangla Road you’ll find the Tiger complex. You can’t miss it. From the multi-coloured blazing lights to the cave-like façade and huge tiger sculptures adorning the second-floor balcony, the tiger complex is a huge facility that is often used as a beacon-like landmark in Patong.

The ground floor of the complex is filled with beer bars all offering up their own music and light shows. Upstairs is the expansive Tiger Disco, one of the oldest and largest discos in the city.

Wandering around the Tiger Complex will deliver all the aural and visual stimulation your senses can handle, but it’s a fun place to spend a few hours having drinks with friends and chatting with the bartenders and hostesses.

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