5 Great Places to Ride a Bike in Bangkok

May 17, 2019.
Tags: Bangkok, Activities

If you are unfamiliar with Bangkok and are visiting it for the first time, it may, at first glance to be all concrete glass and endless traffic. It may appear as if it’s not exactly a bike rider's paradise. But there are some great parks to explore by bike, even in the centre of the city - places that offer flat terrain that's easy to negotiate for even the youngest members of your family.

Several tour companies in Bangkok rent bicycles as part of the touring services they offer. You can rent them by the hour, day, week or month. To give your family a rest from the daily sightseeing and just to spend a few hours together getting some healthy exercise and enjoying the city, we’ve listed 5 of our favourites to go for a morning or evening ride when the heat is not taxing and the crowds are light.

There is no place in the metropolitan area of Bangkok that qualifies as a 'tough' ride. All these places offer even, level paths to ride on and plenty of shade in the vicinity for when you want to stop for a break.

All the parks offer a different experience to visitors who want to explore them on bicycle. Just be prepared for a day in the sun in Bangkok. Be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen along with you.


Benjakiti Park

Benjakiti Park is only about half the size of Lumpini Park, but biking around the large lake and viewing the flower beds that bloom at different times of the year, meaning that something is always in bloom, can make for a good outing when you need a little respite from the city traffic and congestion.

You can also take a cab or public transportation there and rent bicycles at the bicycle kiosk within the park. When you’re tired of riding, rent a swan boat and tour the lake.

Rot Fai Park

Rot Fai Park or Suan Rot Fai is so named for the trains, Rot Fai, that still stand as monuments around the park grounds. This is one of the largest parks in central Bangkok, and it offers a welcome get-away to residents from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This park also has its own bicycle rental facility to ride the 2-kilometre bike path that winds its way among the lawns and lush foliage of the park. If you’ve brought the family along, the kids will love the Butterfly Garden which is located within the grounds of the park. Bring along a picnic lunch and choose a spot along the ride to stretch out on the grass (the park is a re-claimed golf course) and enjoy lunch in the shade of a tropical rain-tree.

Lumpini Park

They say there is always something going on in Lumpini Park, whether it’s a Tai Chi class, a yoga class beneath the trees, a live music concert or a food fair. It was the first park established in the city in 1942 and is graced by a statue of King Rama VI which dates from that era.

There are wide pathways, perfect for cycling, that weave their way through the park and around the several ponds. It's pretty much centred in the middle of the city, and there is always some activity going on to capture your imagination.

You’ll have to bring your own bikes to ride at Lumpini Park, but, if you’re adventurous, you can ride your way around the large lake on a water-bike. The more sedate can hire a swan boat to explore the lake.


Bang Kachao

Bang Kachao is an area that’s just across the river from the central business area of Bangkok and yet offers a rural lifestyle that seems worlds away from the city. Limited in its development by design (you won’t find any skyscrapers or factories), Bang Kachao offers only fresh air and a day of exploring its concrete jungle paths by bicycle. The locals refer to Bang Kachao as Bangkok’s “green lung”.

There is a bicycle rental facility right near the pier where you’ll be dropped off by boat. Bikes cost only 50 THB for a half-day and 100 THB for a whole day of riding. Although you may run across a food vendor on your bike travels, you should definitely be safe and bring water and food along with you.


Peppermint Bike Park

This is a smaller bike park created just for biking enthusiasts who want to try out their skill at riding. Located in Latprao, about 20 minutes north of the central business district of Bangkok, this park offers rental bikes and a restaurant where the less adventurous can watch in air-conditioned comfort as the daring cyclists tackle the specially designed and created paths and obstacles that will test the riding skills of even the most dedicated rider.

Kids from 5 to 10 are allowed to use the paths and tracks under their parent's supervision, and everyone is required to wear helmets, which are offered at their rental facility.

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