5 Cool Places to Beat the Heat in Patong

March 18, 2019.
Tags: Patong, Activities

With the summer upon us it vital to have that one place that you know you can slip away to in Patong where the air is always cool and the food and drinks are just perfect. A place where you can just spend hours with a friend or lost in your own thoughts.


We’re offering a variety of some the best bars and restaurants in Patong where you can enjoy a break from the heat of the day and relax in comfort. These bars are eclectic in nature and taste, because people from all walks of life need to get away from the heat and relax in surroundings they’re comfortable in.

Wassa Bar

Wassa Bar is the only establishment we’ve included on our list that doesn’t have air-conditioning. What it does have is a spectacular view of Patong Beach from high on the hillside above it.


Being up above the city you get the cool breezes that blow from offshore, plus it’s the perfect place to enjoy a vibrant, tropical sunset in peaceful, quiet surroundings. They’re only open after 4 PM, so there is no point in visiting Wassa Bar in the middle of a hot afternoon.


It’s just the perfect place to unwind at the end of long, hot day and enjoy a cocktail and drinks along with a Thai or western meal while you watch the sunset over the Andaman Sea.


Gossip provides the best of both worlds. This two-story supper club has an air-conditioned venue on the lower floor where you can enjoy cocktails and drinks or select from a menu of Tapas, sashimi and burgers in cool comfort.


The top story features an open-air rooftop deck where you can look down at all the colour and crazy goings-on on Bangla Road. It will be the perfect place to claim a spot once the water-fights of Songkran provide all the entertainment up and down Bangla Road.


Sugar Club Phuket

The Sugar Club is an immense nightspot offering air-conditioned non-stop partying until the wee hours. It features several levels and a VIP room with music provided nightly by an ever-changing variety of international DJs spinning hip-hop and house music and numerous events always planned.


They have an extensive menu of both the familiar and the exotic drinks, wines, champagnes and beers on hand and they are located, where else, but right on Bangla Road.


Molly’s Tavern

From the cool and trendy to the cool and traditional, we bring you to Molly’s Tavern on Thaweethong Road right at the corner of Beach Road. This is the place you want when all you want to do is spend the hot afternoon in air-conditioned comfort with a good game on the TV and an ice-cold beer in front of you.


They also serve up an impressive variety of western style pub food and have a live band that plays in the evenings.


The Coffee Club

You could be forgiven for walking past the Coffee Club and thinking it was just another Starbuck’s wannabe knockoff. In fact, this Australian-owned restaurant at the top of Bangla Road, bills itself as “Australia’s favourite all-day café”.


This is the place you’d like to enjoy a long, cool, leisurely brunch that lasts through the hottest part of the day. They offer a full menu of breakfast and brunch items along with a range burgers sandwiches, salads and Thai dishes that all use fresh ingredients. It’s the right place to beat the heat and watch the world go by.  


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