5 Chic Cafes Near Patong Beach

May 17, 2019.
Tags: Patong, Cuisine, Cafe

Tourists love to explore the food, culture, and sights when they visit Patong. But, sometimes they need to take a break from the sun, the exotic sights and the unfamiliar food.

Coffee has become a part of so many cultures in the world, that it's almost unheard of to not find a coffee shop on practically every street corner. It represents something familiar and comforting to virtually every adult in the world.

Here are 5 places right along Patong Beach you can retreat to when you need a break from the sun, sand, and sea to enjoy a freshly-brewed cup of coffee, eat a tasty pastry, brunch or sandwich, and relax in air-conditioned comfort.



Yes. Of course, Thailand has Starbucks. There are Starbucks all over the country. But if you’re a creature of habit and only want your favourite half-caf, venti, caramel latte, this is the only place you’ll be happy with. So it’s fortunate that there is a Starbucks located almost exactly halfway along the length of Beach Road in Patong between Bangla Road and Prachanukhro Road.

You’ll find that life is as it should be once you walk through the doors. You’ll be able to order the same coffee, pastries, and sandwiches you are used to having at home, and you’ll never be disappointed. There is comfort in familiarity.


True Coffee

True coffee shops have been springing up all over Thailand. True is a Thai company that started in the telecommunications business and since has included coffee shops in their portfolio.

They offer all the favourite iced and got varieties of coffees and teas that Starbucks does and a good range of pastries and sandwiches as well. They also feature some Thai beverages that you might venture to try. They’re located at 98-100 Beach Road on the second floor above the post office.


Baba Café Food & Drink

Baba Café, as it’s usually referred to, is a comfortable, air-conditioned place with a friendly staff serving great coffee and equally great breakfasts. Baba café can be a welcome breath of fresh air for tourists who are missing their western breakfasts and unpretentiously prepared cups of freshly brewed coffee.

They're located about a kilometre north of Bangla Road on Beach Road and are the favourite hangout for tourists staying along that area of the beach.

Sandwich Shoppe Café & Bar

We’ve included the Sandwich Shoppe Café & Bar on this list because of the bonuses they offer besides the usual array of hot and iced coffees, teas and syrups. It’s a little bit away from the beach. It’s located a couple of blocks up Hatpatong Road on the northern stretch of Patong Beach and down a small alley.

But besides a good cup of coffee, they also have a full menu of breakfasts, including lox and bagels! Plus, they're becoming famous for the large, deli-style sandwiches they offer. All this and a full bar as well. How could you go wrong?


The Coffee Club

This Australian chain of coffee shops has several stores located in Patong Beach so you can have your pick wherever you happen to be staying. We’re pointing out the Coffee Club branch located at Beach Point which is about halfway along Beach Road between Bangla Road and Prachanukhro Road.

The Coffee Club, in addition to offering great coffees and iced drinks, has pretty much cornered the market in offering tasty and filling breakfasts and brunches. They also serve juicy burgers, sandwiches, an entire range of international dishes and fresh salads.


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