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5 Things to Remember Before Joining the Songkran Fun on Khao San Road

March 18, 2019. Tags:  Bangkok

If you’re looking forward to experiencing your first Songkran on Khao San Road in Bangkok, here are 5 things you should keep in mind to ensure you have a good time.

Surviving the Songkran Festival in Phuket

March 18, 2019. Tags:  phuket

Songkran is a festival marking the Thai New Year. It’s a festival of fun and water fights. Here are some tips to make the most of it on your holiday in Phuket.

What Ocean Get When You Smoke

February 21, 2019. Tags:  

By declaring 24 beaches in Thailand smoke-free zones as of February 1, 2019, Thailand is taking the first step in helping clean up the ocean.

Enjoy a Unique View of Bangkok from the Chao Phrya River

February 21, 2019. Tags:  Bangkok

Cruising on the Chao Phrya River of Bangkok gives you a different perspective of the city. Here are 3 types of boats that every visitor should experience.

5 Cycling Routes in Hua Hin

February 21, 2019. Tags:  hua hin

Here are 5 cycling routes around Hua Hin that provide for an easy day and a bit of a challenge. But they all show you the sights of Hua Hin.

Time for Walking in Hua Hin

January 21, 2019. Tags:  hua hin

Winter is the time to lace up your walking shoes and explore Hua Hin on foot. We’ll tell you three areas in the city that will fill your senses and your belly.

Take to the Seas Around Phuket

January 21, 2019. Tags:  phuket

Why not hire a private boat to give you a tour of the famous islands around Phuket. We’ll tell you everything you to know about hiring a boat for a day of sightseeing.

From the Cheap to the Upscale - 6 Best Seafood Restaurants in Hua Hin

December 17, 2018. Tags:  Hua Hin

We are listing some of the best seafood restaurants in Hua Hin, both the cheap for people on a budget and the upscale for seafood lovers who love to splurge.

Phuket Rendezvous is a Showcase of Boats and Luxury

December 17, 2018. Tags:  Phuket

Phuket Rendezvous is a boat and luxury lifestyle event held at the Royal Phuket Marina every year. It’s an event not be missed by lovers of boats.

What the EEC High Speed Trains Will Mean for Visitors to Pattaya

November 20, 2018. Tags:  Pattaya

The EEC project includes a high speed train system that is destined to greatly improve visitor’s transportation options to Pattaya. Connections with both of Bangkok’s Airport, as well as Chonburi province’s U-Tapao airport, will make getting to Pattaya fa

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