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Plan a Golf Trip to Pattaya

April 9, 2018
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Pattaya is a popular destination for tourists from around the globe, many of whom come to enjoy the area's beautiful beaches. However, there is so much more to Pattaya than just the sea and parties. There are more than 20 golf courses in or around Pattaya, making it an ideal location for a golf holiday. Many of these courses have excellent facilities and they are reasonably priced. Here's a look at a few of our favourite courses. 


Crystal Bay Golf Club 

This club is made up of three 9-hole golf courses, and you can mix and match as you please to create an 18-hole run. Most of the holes are relatively short so you'll have a chance to earn a good score if you play well. Water features and bunkers are prevalent throughout the three courses so precision is crucial in planning your shots. After you finish your round, have lunch or dinner at the clubhouse restaurant and bar. 


Laem Chabang International Country Club 

Also called the Chatrium Golf Resort, this is another 27-hole course, split into three 9-hole segments. Although it is located two hours from Pattaya, it is well worth the trip to escape the tourist-packed courses closer to the city, giving you more freedom to relax and play at your own pace. This picturesque country course is popular among local residents, a nod to the quality of the course. 


Burapha Golf Club 

This incredible course made a splash on the global stage when it hosted the 2010 Thailand Open. Because of this, the course has been expertly maintained and upgraded, delivering one of the best golf experiences in Thailand. The course used to be available to members only but is now open to the public. There are four 9-hole courses at the club. Be sure to take the time to play them all. The club also includes tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness facilities and more. 


Bangpra Golf Club 

The second oldest golf club in all of Thailand, this course is situated about 40 minutes outside the city. It is known for its fast greens and primate population. When you get to holes 6 and 7, be on the lookout for the troop of monkeys that live there. They are always happy to keep golfers entertained between turns. Many of the course's more interesting holes are in the front 9 so feel free to play just half the course if you are short on time or energy. 


Leave Your Clubs at Home 

Most of the golf courses in the Pattaya region offer club rental services. There is no need to pack your golf bag when you travel. Golf clubs are tricky to transport and can add significant costs to your trip. Take advantage of the clubs available at each course. In most cases, the clubs are well-maintained. You can rent a full set so you have everything you need. Rates are affordable, typically costing 20 euros or less. 


Stay Long-Term to Hit All of Pattaya's Golf Courses 

Here at Rental for the Holidays, we have a wide range of apartments and condos available for rent in Pattaya. This provides the perfect jumping-off point for all your golf adventures in the region. Staying in long-term accommodation can help you save a lot of money when compared to a traditional hotel or resort. You'll also be able to cook some of your own meals and entertain new friend you meet at the golf course! Come to Pattaya and enjoy a nice long holiday on the golf  course, you’ve earned it!