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10 Things To Know About Surfing in Phuket

May 4, 2017
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Phuket has many things going for it but it's certainly not in the same breath as Sydney or Hawaii as far as surfing destinations go. Nevertheless, the sport's popularity is growing in Phuket.  The island offers many comfortable places to surf when the waves are right, since they're not high enough to be considered hazardous. The great part of surfing in Phuket is that the best time of the year to do it is when high season is over (April onwards). Kalim, Kata, Surin and Karon are all excellent beaches to surf in with variable waves to each. Whether you're in Phuket for a holiday or are trying to plan a holiday to Thailand, read on to learn 10 things about surfing. 


1. Surf House Flow Ride

This is every surfer's dream. You can ride the waves steadily here, no matter how the weather conditions are. Surf House Flow Ride is incredibly popular, with a bar, restaurant and chic hangout spot. Located by Kata beach, the high-pressure wave generating machine allows surfers to ride waves safely and at their own pace. Beginners hold on to safety ropes while they learn to surf, so it's completely safe for children as well. 


2. Kata Beach

If you're an aspiring surfer, your best bet is to head over to Kata Beach. The boards, instructors and waves here are readily available compared to the other beaches on the island. There are two surf shops here and you can rent boards on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. Prices will vary depending on the outlet but you're more likely to get a good deal here at Kata. 


3. Surfing Competitions 

Fancy yourself on the boards? Avid spectator of the sport? You'll be delighted to know that there are three annual surf contests held in Phuket. Kalim Beach hosts the Kalim Surf Contest, which usually draws a decent crowd and number of participants. There's also the Kamala Go Surfing Contest that takes place in August on Kamala Beach. The biggest event of the year is the Phuket Surfing Contest, which is held at Kata beach and offers cash prizes of over 100,000 baht. Whether you're a rockstar on the boards or are looking to network with other riders, these competitions are a fantastic way to get to know the local surfing scene.


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4.  Kalim Beach

Like Kata, Kalim Beach is one of the more surf-friendly beaches on the island. When the waves are low on the other sides of the island, Kalim is a popular retreat. The waves get to about 50 to 100m long and are best around April. 


5. Kamala Beach

The northern-most part of Kamala Beach is a fantastic surfing spot. It's a good place for beginners since it offers a gentle swell. Then, there's a second section where the waves are a little higher by the northern tip – the waves go up to 3m here and are more suited for advanced to intermediate riders. 


6. Surin Beach

Surin Beach is arguably one of the best surfing spots in Phuket, particularly for skilled surfers. There are two ends of the beach and it's generally advised to stick to these two areas, since the middle of the beach has a dangerous rock formation. Waves can go up to two meters long but the challenging part is the rough tides. The landings are safe here despite the rock formations, with sandy banks running all along the beach. 


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7. Phuket Surf

If you have designs on learning how to surf while you're on holiday, Phuket Surf is the place to go. They're located on Kata Yai Beach and the instructors are highly experienced. While pricier than other places, the guys here are top pros and offer great-value packages for lessons. They can instruct just about anyone, and ensure your optimal safety by considering your aquatic history. 


8. The Time of the Year

Take a little time to learn what surfing in Phuket is like during different times of the year so that you can best plan your trip. The surf season runs from May to October, where waves are the best and most consistent. Expect average waves of chest height for most times of the year. A good rule of thumb for surfing in Phuket: if you catch a good spot, stick to it!


9. Popularity

While Phuket has plenty of other reasons for being a tourist hotspot, surfing is quickly becoming one of them. Only the waves in Sumatra and Indonesia rival Phuket's, so the island has become a popular destination for budding surfers all around Indochina. With the popularity of the sport continuing to grow, you can expect it to become even busier among surfers!


10. Patong Beach

It feels like any blog about Phuket is missing a little something when there's no mention of Patong Beach. So how does the island's most popular beach fare as a surfing spot? Firstly, it's excellent for beginners since the winds are slight and the swell never rises above 1.5 m. Secondly, if you're looking to meet people and other surfers, Patong is an excellent place to be. The famous shopping and nightlife scene is right by the beach, so you get plenty of entertainment value to go along with your surfing excursion.


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