How to Travel Safely and Inexpensively During Your Stay in Pattaya

October 30, 2018.
Tags: Pattaya, Transportation

Consider Hiring a Vehicle during Your Stay in Pattaya

When you first arrive in Pattaya the public transportation system can seem confusing and chaotic, just like in most major cities. But once you spend a day or two there it begins to make perfect sense.

However, if you’re used to travelling in air-conditioned comfort, you might consider hiring a car, especially if you want to journey out of town to see the sights. There are many reputable rental car agencies in Pattaya that charge reasonable daily, weekly and monthly rates.

If you’re not too worried about air-conditioning, but still want the freedom to travel around and visit out of the way places, hiring a motorbike is also an option. There are many motorbike rental vendors all over town. Many streets along the beachfront have several.

If you decide to hire a vehicle, you should have a driver’s licence from your home country as well as an international driving permit. Also, make sure you have an accident or travel insurance policy that will cover you in case of any mishaps. And keep your insurance documents and your rental agreements on you when you are driving.

Some vendors will want to keep your passport as collateral against theft or damage. But leave them with a photocopy of your passport details and keep your passport on you.

Getting Around Pattaya by Public Transportation

If you feel that you have little need for your own private transportation, travelling around Pattaya by public transportation is relatively easy. There are four main types of public transportation in the city:

  • Baht Bus
  • Motorbike Taxi
  • Car Taxi
  • Chartered Bus & Vans

The Baht bus and the motorbike taxis are by far the most popular and inexpensive forms of transportation. Between the two of them, they can get you anywhere you want to go in the city. These types of transportation providers are licenced and regulated by the city of Pattaya and are perfectly safe when used responsibly.

The ‘Baht Bus' is Pattaya’s main bus system. They are easily recognized dark blue pickup trucks with aluminium awnings covering their rear areas, which are lined with two rows of inward facing seats. They each seat up to ten passengers and you will usually have to wait until the bus is full to depart from the starting point of a route.

They drive regular routes which cover the city’s main thoroughfares along the ocean side of town and go as far east as Sukhumvit Road. Each leg of the routes costs ten Baht. You should be able to get from the Northern end of Pattaya to the southern end of Jomtien for only twenty Baht.

To ride the Baht bus, simply flag down a bus and hop in the back. When you reach your destination, press one of the buzzers you’ll find on the ceiling and go up front to pay the driver ten Baht.

Although these buses drive regular routes, they can also be hired to take you anywhere you want to go for a fee which can be negotiated depending on how far you want to go or how long you want to hire the bus.

If you are traveling with a group of friends, this can be a relatively inexpensive option if your group wants to see the sights off the beaten track.

Motorbike Taxis Fill in the Transportation Gaps

Motorbike taxis fill an important role in Pattaya by serving as transportation between the Baht bus routes and wherever your hotel or destination is located. It’s perfectly normal to complete a lengthy journey through the city by using both the Baht bus and a motorbike taxi.

You’ll spot motorbike taxi riders all over the city by their bright orange vests. Just walk up to them and tell them where you want to go or point to a map. They’ll tell you the cost to take you there. If it’s quite a distance, you can negotiate the price.

A motorbike taxi is also the quickest way to get somewhere in a hurry. The riders are all licenced by the city and they all have identifying numbers on their vests. Some of them also carry a spare helmet that they can provide for you.

Car Taxis and Chartered Buses and Vans for Group Travel

Car taxis and chartered vehicles are mainly used by groups for the simple convenience factor. They tend to be the most expensive option in getting around the city. If you are relying on car taxis several times a day to get around, plan on spending more than you would for hiring a car.

But these types of transportation are practical for groups of people who want the ease of relying on a driver to get them where they are going. Whatever form of transportation you choose, getting around Pattaya is perfectly safe and it can be inexpensive as well.

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